I was lying down on the grass under this palm tree yesterday afternoon, wishing that this quarantine was over, wondering when it will be over, hoping for it to be over, intending for it to be over.

Basically, I just felt “over” it.

Then I realized that the sun was shining, the birds were flying, the grass was growing, the wind was blowing, the clouds were drifting, and none of those are wondering when anything will be over.

I went into a meditation and received these words:

The mind creates the movie.

And then I remembered that I can put myself into any movie I want to- no matter what else is going on.

And that the present moment is the best movie of all.

I heard the palm fronds rustling and felt the breeze on my face, and wondered,
How is this different than any lovely spot in nature I’ve ever been in?

And of course it wasn’t, it isn’t, and will not ever be different. Because it all takes place in the movie of my mind.

And that movie can be changed.

Even if and when the outside circumstances are not lying under a lovely palm tree, I can still change what movie I play, or choose to watch. I can change the channel. Throughout my life, through every kind of challenge and adversity, I’ve utilized my imagination to “change the channel” whenever possible.

⭐️ I can pick reruns, or a brand new feature.

⭐️ I can create or consume.

⭐️ I can walk out early.

⭐️ I can star in the movie, or choose to be a supporting player, or one of the extras. I can direct, produce or be in the audience.

⭐️ I can be behind the camera, or spend my time editing.

⭐️ I can play the movie from the end to the beginning.

⭐️ I can stop the movie and reflect on the words or images.

⭐️ I can invite others in to see my movie.

⭐️ I can join people in their movie.

⭐️ I can offer my movie to be of help.

⭐️ I can rewind or fast forward my movie.

⭐️ I can be the movie that I wish to see.

The mind creates the movie, and the body plays it out.

I got up from my lovely spot in the grass and realized that I didn’t need anything to beover.”

I went to meet my next moment with as much love, grace and appreciation as I could possibly feel.

The birds waved goodbye, the breeze said, “see you tomorrow,” the clouds drifted happily along, and the grass just kept growing- confident in its place on the earth. 



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