NEWest Year Blessing -Let’s Spend More of our Lives in the Soulfull Times

NEWest Year Blessing -Let’s Spend More of our Lives in the Soulfull Times

Start NOW or forever hold your pieces. 

Because of course, it is always now. 

“The opposite of old is not young. 

The opposite of old is new. As long as we can experience the new, we will gloriously inhabit all of the ages that we are, and welcome all of the dreams that we have” 

I created these words to inspire myself to allow and practice the NEW as much as I sometimes try to cling to whatever is more familiar and perhaps not my most alive choice. 

The most alive choice often feels scary- fizzy or makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This is where your creative dreams live. 

Bless this newest Year. Bring the oldest you along. 

If you want a truly NEW year, become the newest oldest you, and blend the two together and go forward with ALL of you, and let us all see and know that you. 

Let me know one thing you are feeling afraid of and one thing you are reveling in, and how you are being with each. 

I’m afraid of anxiety running wild & I’m blending and alchemizing these experiences and others into my “marvelous messy middle” life. 

I’m reveling in the explorations of my soul, and drenching myself in what fills my soul as much as possible. 

What is one of your fears and one of your revelings? 

In this year, may you rediscover and experience all the wisdom that you gathered last year, and apply it again freshly and fully and newly this year. 

  • If you became an activist, deepen it. If you resisted activism, let yourself soften and see what kind actually fits you. 
  • If you tried and failed at something, congratulate yourself for reaching and readjust your approach. Tune your vision to receive in new ways. 
  • If you wanted and it was not given, ask, ask again differently and practice receiving. 
  • If you felt furious, heartsick, lonely, despairing, frightened or baffled, thank you for being human. 
  • If you felt euphoric, joyfilled, satisfied, successfull, resolved and complete, share it. 
  • If you feel, thank you for being alive. 

Happy happy NEWEST Year and blessings to all the other ones too~



NEWest Year Blessing -Let’s Spend More of our Lives in the Soulfull Times

We All Revive Each Other

Many years ago now, my mother was in a coma, and I was told she would likely not return to “herself” due to having had a massive surgery and amnesia resulting from the anesthesia. 

I visited each day, sitting by her hospital bed and just being with her. 

Each day the nurses attended her with such love and care, and she slumbered on, with machines beeping. 

I continued my visits, and after 10 days prepared to return to my home in San Francisco. 

On my last day, I brought a basket of raspberries– they were her favorite- and even though I knew my mother couldn’t eat them, I felt cheered by their sight in that hospital room. 

I sat near the bed, admiring the glow of the raspberries, and suddenly heard my mother speaking! 

She said, “You came to revive me.” 

And I replied that I had. 

She then asked for a raspberry and I tucked one into her mouth and she smiled and chewed so happily. 

One by one the raspberries disappeared, and I put some on my fingertips as she had shown me when I was a child. 

Just like these on my fingertips in the photo. 

Her words have stayed with me, as I watch us all revive each other in various forms, by listening, loving, and being. 

We are so powerfull in our tender witnessing, in our deep grieving, and in our many gladnesses and sharing of time and energy. 

My mother, who I called Marvelous Marjorie, loves knowing this,
and so do I. 

Sending love and the many miracles of reviving to everyone who can use some, and to share these marvelous gifts with each other without end. 



Glad During The Holidays – No Matter What

Glad During The Holidays – No Matter What

The holidays can feel full of pressures to be GLAD even if you don’t feel that way. 

People talk about “holiday cheer,” “finding the silver lining,” “looking on the bright side,” all of which are fine when we feel those things, but can actually add to feelings of loneliness and depression when we don’t. 

Luckily, all your feelings want is some love and attention, and will respond swiftly to just a tiny bit of focused care from you. When you can name a feeling, that feeling will feel your love. 

This means living in the Marvelous Messy Middle of ALL of your feelings. 

I mostly welcome ALL the feelings in my emotional family, appreciate all the marvelous, hang out pretty happily in the middle, and allow and accept the messy- sometimes very messy. Of course sometimes I resist feeling challenging feelings, and they just wait until I’m ready to extend my care. 

From this place, you can be aware of and hold all of your feelings, notice ways to respond instead of reacting, and transform what’s possible to transform.

When we can find our Glad ground in the middle, it is possible to enjoy the holidays truly, authentically, and even with grace and wisdom. 

Here are some practical ways you can experience more GLADness this holiday season and all-ways: 

  1. Create a new self-caring plan — Think of what you need to feel good during the holidays, and provide it for yourself. 

Some of these things might be:

*Special foods that you know you will enjoy

*Call a friend to share how you’re really feeling— not how you think you should be

*Write in a journal or book with lists of things that nourish you, and do the things.

  1. Adjust and lower your expectations, or better yet — have none — Notice how your expectations bring suffering when they aren’t met. 

For example, if you feel ignored or overworked at holiday times, take yourself out for champagne and ignore some things you “should” be doing. Change your expectations about what you or others “should be” doing or acting like, and practice allowing how it actually IS. 

  1. Educate others in the best ways to support you—Become clear about what actually feels supportive to you, and ask for others to contribute. 

For example, if you typically care for others and wish others would or could care for you, figure out what they could contribute to you that would be easy and fun. You might ask a friend to meet you for tea and laughter in the midst of a busy shopping or cleaning day, or sit with you while you wrap gifts or write cards.

  1. Experiment with new traditions and rituals for the holidays — Do things differently. We all tend to repeat and become habituated. 

For example, “We always have our meal at _______.”  Some of my greatest holiday experiences have taken place at the movies, miniature golfing or serving food at a shelter instead of trying to participate in rituals or traditions that no longer represent who I am now.

  1. Allow yourself to experience your holidays imperfectly — Revise your ideas of perfection and increase your capacity for spontaneous joy. 

For example, if you get tense and pressured about preparing a meal, buying gifts, sending cards, or trying to do it ALL, try:

*Doing parts of things — fix the dessert, ask others to bring the other things

*Doing tiny amounts — consider attending a holiday party for 5- 30 minutes with no explanation about why

*Asking others to help and then don’t control or manage “how they do it”

  1. Practice transforming what hurts into what helps — Find the places that aren’t working and speak up about them. 

For example, you might ask a group of people in your home to talk about different subjects like what they’re loving in this moment, instead of sitting there judging how bored or dissatisfied you are feeling.

*If you’re cooking and get crabby, let others know and help you!

*If you hate shopping, ask others to create experiences or adventures for each other instead of buying gifts

*If you keep complaining about the holidays, see if you can put your complaints on paper and resolve to have new experiences

*If you feel ungrateful, find someone to listen to who is facing challenges that you’re not.

Being Glad No Matter What is NOT about feeling glad when you don’t- how annoying. 

It’s about practicing with all of your feelings and feeling glad as often as you possibly can- especially during the holidays!



We Are All Gifted

We Are All Gifted

Inside Of You Are Treasures

Here’s why: 

You can: 

Wear a tutu

Eat fruit naked

Imitate a sheep

Cut your own hair

Cavort in the grass

Drink lemonade barefoot 

Discover inner wealth

Climb tall trees

Communicate with angels

Multiply love

Eat delicious food

Listen to spiritual songs

Reinvent how you are

Make your creative dreams visible


Surprise your fears

Travel gently

Reawaken love 

Forgive yourself

Design a brand new path 

Inside Of You Are Treasures




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Succulent Wild San Francisco

Succulent Wild San Francisco

One of my favorite places to find succulence is with the city of  San Francisco, aka SARKFrancisco;-) I published drawings in the newspaper every week on Sundays for 6 years.

Here is one of them, celebrating my love affair.

When I moved here almost 40 years ago, I said that someone took a picture of my heart, drew a city around it, and named it San Francisco.

I feel that way more than ever.

When I’m away and return, I feel like I’ve returned to see a lover. Now I share this beautifull city with my lover and partner David. 

This city first welcomed me in my eccentric, creative and flailing ways, and still does. 

This city now welcomes me in all of my growth, changes and soarings. It surrounds me when I feel sad or in despair.

The light is captivating here. There is a particular purple twilight that is truly enchanting.

It’s a feisty, flawed and fabulous city. I am so glad to live, love, laugh and CREATE here.

What do you love about where you live? 

I’ll love to know.




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I Send You Love

I Send You Love

I Send You Love

I Send You… Daily prayers and the constancy of love

Love is always with us

I Send You… Harder laughter and more tears

Let’s cry more

I Send You… Rich butter cookies with no calories

Shortbread is good

I Send You.. A sudden unplanned nap

Luxury Nap

I Send You…A dream in which you fully realize that none of us are alone, and that we are all seen, heard and loved just for being

I Send You LOVE




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This Little Girl Of Mine

This Little Girl Of Mine

Here I am in Minneapolis Minnesota, in my little hat and matching coat and dear little face. I keep hearing that song inside my head “This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine…”

I had been taught that song by my mom and in Sunday school and it had played often in my head, especially when I got scared of letting my light shine.

I’m writing a brand new book right now- one I didn’t expect or plan to write, and it’s a challenge to keep my light shining during the writing process. Do you ever feel that way too? And when you do, what do you do? Mostly I keep going. I weave the light and dark together into a new kind of tapestry. And then I share that.

I looked up the origins of that song and found this:

“Ray Charles performed a single based on the song in 1955 called “This Little Girl of Mine”.

The song gained more popularity in the 1950s when it was performed by musician and activist Zilphia Horton and turned into one of the most well-known and beloved Civil Rights Movement protest anthems.”

I love how music moves and grows with us, and when we move the way love makes us move. Which of course mightily includes our activist selves.

My little girl is inside and with me every day as I explore and play and create in this world.

I’m including her in my writing and creating adventures as I go along. I’m going to keep letting all my light shine and shine it onto everyone I can, as much and as often as I can.

Many years ago I met the author Madeleine L’Engle, author of A Wrinkle In Time and so many other books, and she inscribed my book with these words:

Be a light bearer always…”

And of course we need both the light and dark to create, to live, and to love. We can choose to share both the light and dark and the marvelous messy middle too.

We are all creators and living life lovers.

I want to know how and where you’re letting your creative light shine. Let me hear what’s creatively glowing and growing in you and your life.



p.s. I’ve been whipping up some feisty magic coming up in August with a FB Live(ly) mini class and an extra special super magical offering for you! I’ll be sharing more about them in a twinkle of your eye 😉


Creating Life Beyond the Usual Fears

Creating Life Beyond the Usual Fears

People often tell me that they admire my ability to self express, and to “be creative.”

I’m glad that I have these abilities and that they inspire people in this way, and I’m especially glad for every person who expresses themselves and their creativity in our world.

It wasn’t always like this for me.

Here I am in a photo collage I made with my beloved cat Jupiter outside of my Magic Cottage in San Francisco, many years ago. I still have this Magic Cottage! Jupiter became my ongoing creative spirit guide.

I believe that the world wants us to be the channels of our unique creative gifts, and will turn eagerly towards us when we do.

We are made to create.

After some early years of expressing my creativity, I spent most of the first part of my life repressing my creativity, due to all the usual fears, and all the usual what if’s.

What if 

No reads it

No one likes it

No one cares

It’s not any good

It’s too much like ______

It’s not enough of _____

People judge me for ______

It doesn’t turn out the way I hoped

I never do it at all

I’m not good enough

It’s not good enough

There are so many fears to be felt. I stopped myself for SO MANY YEARS because of these and other fears. My mind was like a continuous fear factory.

Then I turned.

I turned towards the other kind of what if’s. 

The nourishing kind. And I mostly started asking just one question:

What if

I love creating as much as love can love?

And most of the usual fearfull what ifs were transformed by the turning. And by the practicing of focused alchemy with my mind and heart. And by the willingness to feel and keep feeling my way through the often terrors of my mind and receive uncommon support for creating, and for recreating my life and my gifts.

And to continue creating no matter what.

I am consistently passionate about creation and creative expression, and about making more creative dreams REAL, and about mentoring others to do this too. 

I feel like I’m like a creativity love MAGNET.

I’ll be inviting you soon to a very special opportunity I’ve created. It’s going to be FUN, playfull, magical, practical and life changing.  It’ll be all about turning and returning to your creative gifts and sharing them with the world- if you wish. 

Let me hear your YES! if you’re interested and inspired.



p.s. You and your creative dreams are immensely important and need you to bring them into being~


💜 The Power of Purple

💜 The Power of Purple

Many years ago when I was publicizing my book about writing, Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper, I whimsically decided to take a 5 foot tall purple crayon along on the book tour across the country. 

This meant that on every flight and car ride and hotel stay, I carried this giant purple crayon with me. The logistics were hilarious

It also turned out to be a MAGICAL way to connect with people. All sorts of funny and serendipitous conversations sprung up along the way- about life, about writing, about love, about creating. 

There were a number of spontaneous book blessings with writers working on their books. And pregnant women asked me to touch their bellies with the tip of the pen. Everyone wanted to talk to me, and did! 

I love creating magic and miracles and fun creative ways to do things, and I love showing people more ways to do that too!  

For even more color, miracles and creativity, subscribe to my Magic Blog below.


Here’s to all of our purple power and creative adventures in this world! 




Dream Your Head Off

Dream Your Head Off

I Send You…

A dream in which you fully realize that none of us are alone and that we are all seen, heard and loved just for being.

Dream your head off! Then get it back;-)

Here are some questions for your pondering and responding:

🌀 Who or what inspires you?

🌀 In what ways do you inspire yourself?

🌀 What creative dreams keep floating in for your consideration?

🌀 Which creative dreams want to become REAL?

Your unique gifts are your blessings to bestow, and you are the channel for your divine dream to flow through. No matter what, your dreams matter.

Let me hear your dreams– sharing them makes them more real and visible, an gifts to us all~




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