The other day, I was standing tucked into the corner of a garden space on the street, far away from all people, writing on my cell phone with my mask down.

A woman with a small dog on a leash appeared on the sidewalk-about 3/4 of block away-shouting,
“You’re part of the problem! It’s people like you without a mask!!!”

I didn’t realize at first that she was shouting at me.

I pulled up my mask briefly to show her that I had one and continued writing.
She shouted louder and started screaming all sorts of things at me.

As irritation and anger rose large in me, I suddenly also saw all her fear unmasked. I realized that she felt terrified to be out walking in the dangerous (in her mind) sunshine air in any kind of proximity to an unmasked person- even though we were at that point, more than 30 yards apart.

I then located my compassion and was able to just beam love towards her- she continued screaming, so there was no chance for dialogue.

I think that deliberately occupying love is our greatest activism. Occupying love in the face of hatred or fear is our “no matter what” opportunity.

If course it doesn’t always “work.”
Then we must have love for ourselves.

And when we experience our own versions of fear or hatred, that we remember that we too are “them.”

I am often busy thinking that I’m not “like them.”

It is a time like no other, and we are being called to generate love like no other.
Of course this doesn’t mean we can’t or don’t get angry or resist.

I believe it means that we let love be larger and more frequently visible, and that we return to love swiftly much more often.

As you vote, vote for that. You are voting, or have voted, right?

What about you? How are you moving through your life with love? I’ll love to know.



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