Being “Ministers of Love”

I’m noticing more and more how many opportunities there are to give and receive love, especially to “strangers.” I don’t really believe in strangers- I live in a world of everyone being a friend I just haven’t met yet.
People often think I’m unusual for being “so familiar,” and yet they also like it. We all have an opportunity to be what I call a “Minister of Love.” This isn’t religious as much as spiritual. The dictionary says that a minister “attends to the wants and needs of others.”
Recently while waiting at an airport for my flight to depart, I kept track of some of my opportunities to share love:
*A woman traveling to Rome who was desperate for dental floss- I had some
*A crabby man who admitted his back hurt and asked if anyone had aspirin- I had some
*A flight attendant who finally smiled when I thanked her for doing her work so beautifully
*An exhausted parent who appreciated me sitting next to her baby on a chair, so it wouldn’t roll off while
she dug in her diaper bag
*A nervous woman traveling with her cat in a carrier, and crying because her cat was crying. I offered to do some interspecies telepathic communication with her cat, and she told me it didn’t cry again on the flight

We can each be on the lookout for more opportunities to care for each other. So many people are already doing this, and I’m gratefull every time I’m the recipent of a kindness or offering of love. Every time we extend ourselves in these ways, there is a shift in the world’s energy. Let’s share our love as true “Ministers of Love.” Share your thoughts or stories with me here- I will read them.
Love, Susan (aka SARK)

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