amazing things growingDear Liberated Soul,

Amazing things are always growing beneath the surface, and I forget that all the time.

I have been reminded of this lately by these tiny purple flowers peeking out of a cement crack near where we often park our car.

I see these flowers and smile with the recognition that benevolent, wonderfull, sweet, unexpected nourishments are always growing and that I can expand my capacity to see them.

I can focus on the expansions at least as often as I focus on the contractions, and learn to navigate between the two, and not feel completely crushed by inner critics when I’m in a contraction period, and not turn away too soon, or fear it disappearing, when I feel and experience those expansive times.

It’s a living art to practice in these ways- to live in the sometimes marvelous, sometimes messy, middle of life.

Here are a few ways I practice:

  • I utilize various forms of energy medicine, EFT, free form yoga, what my friend Edward and I call “Transformational TV” viewing, and lying down in the grass.
  • Sometimes I just lie quietly breathing.
  • Or following my flowing energy and allowing the world to provide miracles and constant reminders of our abilities to feel, to love, to be alive in my cells.

How do you navigate between contraction and expansion in your life and care for yourself in both? Please share with me here.

I’d love to read & respond to what you share.

With both wings of expansion & contraction operating like birds wings,
SARK (aka Susanly*)

*my friend Leslie recently wrote this when I asked for her support about something I was creating. She said “Do it in a SUSANLY way.”
What’s YOUR unique way? I want to know.

Add your musings or good thoughts here:

responses so far (what you share will be loved and appreciated)

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