I’ve been practicing self hugging for some years now.

When I first began, I felt kind of foolish and even self-indulgent. I did it in private and it felt so good it quickly grew to my doing it everywhere and anywhere.

Then I began sharing it with clients, audiences and friends.

I’ve learned that many people do not practice self hugging- I think they fear looking foolish, or think that it won’t really work for them, or they just forget about doing it.

I’m here to re-MIND you!

Self hugging raises up all the “feel good” hormones: endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin.

I’ve found out that most people don’t self hug long enough for it to feel really good and have those good effects. Or, they don’t really wrap themselves UP. 

I recommend 30 seconds minimum and up to 1-2 minutes for optimum effect.

I start most days with self hugging, and get out of bed feeling like 10 good friends have hugged me. In this way, I often am able to live like a full cup of self-love, sharing my overflow with the world

And when I don’t feel that way, self hugging helps me fill myself back up.

Do you practice self hugging? Why or why not? I’ll love to know your experience.

More great self hugging moments to experience:

•Kiss your arms & shoulders & say terms of endearments while using your name repeatedly & feel your serotonin levels MULTIPLY

•Self hug while rocking back & forth & saying comforting words over and over like “I’m right
here, I’m right here” and feel the embodiment of your Inner Wise Self in

•Repeat self hugging daily or most days & feel your endorphins EXPANDING

We are made for love and loving, and can self hug right now and connect ourselves with those loving feelings and generate even more LOVE.



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