Since there is no “time” as we know it in the angelic realms, and because angels rise above any of our slim concepts of time, I imagine that all the angels are all working over-time these days.

I’ve been painting and drawing angels for decades- I love connecting with their energies by drawing or painting them into form.

One of my dear readers Lisa Koppleman-Roy got a tattoo of one of my angels on the inside of her wrist.

She gave me permission to share the image, and says that it’s her constant reminder of self love.

So of course I wanted to share it with you, so you can have that constant re-MIND-er too.

When I was being abused as a child, I sensed that angels were very near, and sometimes thought I heard the fluttering of their wings, just out of my eyesight. I’m hearing those wing flutterings these days too~ and feel them at work on our behalf.

Let me know if you see, sense or celebrate angels! Or have an angelic message for us. 

Here are some other Ways To Be With Angels!

  • Send a letter to an angel: write it in gold invisible ink

  • Adopt an angel: find a picture or draw one, of your favorite angel

  • Wear angel ornaments: angels love attention and want to be recognized

  • Your guardian angels are all-ways nearby

  • Build a treehouse for an angel: it can be tiny, impractical and made of leaves. The angels will love it

  • Sing to angels: everytime you sing, an angel smiles

  • Dream of angels: fly with them

  • “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets her wings”

  • Amaze an angel: start growing your own wings, and listen for the bells to ring!

  • Angels can fly because they eat angel food cake!

  • Invite an angel to dinner: prepare the lightest, freshest most inspiring foods.

    Set the table for two, and wait for the candles to flicker

  • Halo, I’m an angel!



 p.s. I’ll be representing the angels on FB Live (Oh how Lovely) on Wed/15 @ 2pm Pacific, and you’re invited. We’ll have tea & talk about healing and drawing out the angels, and surround you with love. Children are welcome! Bring markers and paper if you wish. 

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