I’d been feeling sad, and then saw these glorious plants and flowers and just wanted to simultaneously eat them and shout about their glory. So I ran over to show them my love, and David took the photo.

Sometimes when I feel sad or melancholy, nature is the only comfort. It’s my form of holy communion.

Recently I’ve written more often about feeling sad or upset and some people have written to express concern that I’m “not as happy as usual.” Of course I know they’re just concerned and want me to be feeling good as much as possible.

But it always surprises me when people question how happy I am- I’ve written 18 books about my beliefs and practices about practicing feeling all the feelings in my emotional family– which of course includes the less popular feelings like despair, anger, rage, melancholy, frustration and sadness.

I’ve also written weekly in this Magic Blog for years about the same subjects.

I know that projections (it must be easier for SARK) can be strong- and because I write in bright colors and often about happy things, that I’m this super positive happy person ALL THE TIME.

And of course I’m not and wouldn’t want to be!

Because when we try to block or not feel any feeling, it pops up or bulges out somewhere else for our love and attention, and blocks us feeling our other feelings too.

I also deliberately write and express about my less popular feelings because I know that everyone experiences these kinds of feelings, and I want us to collectively speak more easily and often about what hurts as much as what helps.

I believe that when we do this, we can alchemize and blend the terrible and wonderful into a brand new mixture to use for healing, and help each other more too.

Thankfully it’s happening more and more that we can be well received when we share our “actual experience” instead of the airbrushed version.

And do know and trust that when I write about any of my feelings, I’ve already moved or am moving to new ones by the time you read about it.

So let’s practice speaking more easily and often about sadness and about all our feelings- after all, they are e-motions- made to be in motion.

Do you relate to what I’m saying? Let me know. Comment below and I’ll love to know your experience.



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