SARK Posters

SARK Posters are back!

You’ve seen the posters, and we’ve listened to all of your wonderfull requests to bring them back, and now they’re here!

How To Be An Artist has been printed millions of times!  It’s been in major motion pictures, had stage plays from it produced, and was in Time magazine!

It, along with my 16 other posters, has been beloved in dorm rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, art rooms, palace rooms, babies’ rooms, sanctuaries and offices all over the globe!

And you may have asked yourself – where can you get a copy for yourself, or as an amazing gift?

I’m so thrilled to announce that 16 of these statements of Transformation and Miracles are back in print!  And available to you right now – right here on Planet SARK!

I created SARK 30 years ago – yes, it’s been 30 years! – and as I think about the hundreds of products I’ve created, the thousands of people I’ve taught, and the millions who have bought my books and been touched by SARK – I know my posters are an on-going legacy of all things SARK!

So, it’s with GREAT HONOR that I present to you 16 poems – 16 creations of art and life – to inspire you and those you love! These words and art have transformed and keep transforming my life, and I know they’ll do the same for you.

You’ll find each poster here, available individually, as a beautiful, thick, glossy, color saturated 11×14 print ready for display right now! They look great framed, or unframed.

I know these posters are as relevant and powerful today as they were when I wrote them originally, and I look forward to hearing the many Miracle Stories that these posters will bring to your lives!

With deep gratitude and appreciation!



Loving is the Whole Point Poster

This is my outburst of JOY about love in all forms- especially with yourSELF. I wrote and created scrumptious reminders for you like: “Be willing to live inbetween right and wrong,” and “Live like a full cup of self-love, sharing the overflow with the world.” And we all need to remember: “If you feel unloved, love yourself first.” I painted these art and words in the Magic Cottage in San Francisco, with my Succulent Wild Man, John, upstairs arranging for this poster to be produced. I am reminding you that you are worthy of love just as you are right now, with no “improvements.” You are so deeply loved.



Happy Writer Poster

We are all writers of our lives, and we thrive on being reminded how to be happier doing this “life living thing” and expressing ourselves in the process. I created 12 radiant portals for you with my most energizing and powerfull reminders, like “start tinier, start more often,” “you cannot know the effect your story may have,” and “make your writing REAL, then it can travel without you.” And these are all what I personally use to write and keep writing, because they work!

These brightly colored words are loaded with true life writing activation ability and will result in more writing being written and more life being expressed through you. And in case you didn’t realize- YOU being a happy writer is a blessing to this world.



This was the first poster that I created, and it really started it all!  There are millions of copies out in the world, and it is the statement of how I live my life!  It’s your declaration that you are an Artist of Life!



One of the most popular SARK posters of all time!  This is a revisioning of my childhood, and a statement of liberation for all children, and everybody who loves them! This is a superb gift for you and your inner child, a teacher, parents or expectant parents. I use all of it’s wisdom for myself too- especially: “if they get crabby, put them in water ;-)”

It makes a lovely gift for a parent or expectant parent!

When I first created my poem and poster “Just for Mom,” my mother did not realize that it would be going out to more people than just her.

Once she found out that thousands were being printed, she wanted to scrutinize every line.  She loved that it said things like “waltz in the kitchen with mom.” and “moms always have Kleenex,” and “we only get one mom- we can adopt others.”

There is also a line that says “forgive all the old junk,” that led her to declare ndignantly: “WHAT old junk?” To which I replied: “like what you’re doing right now, thinking we have no old junk!”

She laughed so hard and the conversation that followed caused a tremendous healing between us, and really put the WOW in MOM for me.

This is my absolute celebration of Friendship! It’s Fun – Creative – Inspiring – for friends everywhere in your life, and this includes your best friendship with yourself. Reading these words will fill you with joy and goodness, and remind you of the magic of friendship.

Consider gifting this to your best friend, and then doing everything described in the poem together- I have, and it’s really fun!


When I see this poster, I always think of the time that I was out having a birthday celebration with some friends, and I decided we would eat my beautiful chocolate cake with no hands!! We all took a big bite – we had chocolate on our faces and were laughing so hard, that the waiter came and asked if he could have a bite too!

Of course he did – and we all laughed at our chocolate covered faces!

One of my best friends as a child was a dog named Punky, who taught me about unconditional love. I looked into his brown eyes and told him everything, and he listened with such devotion. Dog really is God spelled backward, and I recommend that you get one to remind you of your favorite dog, or gift it to someone who loves dogs. There’s a special place at the bottom for a dedication too.

My miracle cat Jupiter was so special, I created these words and art to honor and acknowledge all of his gifts, and the gifts of all cats. It really is all about surrendering with cats, and Jupiter taught me a lot about that. Jupiter also discovered my first poster, How To Be An Artist, by peeling the page from my journal that I’d written, off the wall of my Magic Cottage and awakened me to share my art and words with the world. There’s a special dedication spot for cat name(s) at the bottom too. Give this poster to yourself or anyone who loves cats- they will absolutely adore it.

The title says it all on this poster. Practice these actions, and you will experience Money Miracles – I have so many times. Like the time I found six $100 bills blowing up the hill in front of my house in San Francisco. I had asked for a money miracle – walked outside, and saw what I thought were leaves blowing on the sidewalk. I grabbed one, and saw that it was a $100 bill. Now that’s a Money Miracle! Friends teased me by asking how long I waited there to see if there was going to be anymore, and were very amused that I waited about an hour;-)

This poster and poem is about being the Miracle you really are – and really LIVING in this life! It includes all the ways I encourage myself and others to BE really alive, and wake up to the miracles all around us. We deserve to feel rich without money and to let money appear by being WHO we really are. Let these words support you in asking for and receiving miracles, and give yourself the gift of being REALLY alive.

I see and feel Angels all the time. I know they were with me during challenges in my childhood, and are present everywhere in my life now. I created this poster to honor and acknowledge all the Angels and remind us of their magic and power. Remember; Angels can fly because they eat angel food cake, and you can AMAZE an angel by growing your own wings. Let this poster affirm the Angels in your life every day.

Whenever I meet a baby, I always ask: “How do you like earth?” And they almost always smile and wave their arms with joy- unless they’re sleeping! I love how the tree trunk contains a magic profile of a spirit too. These words came through the door of my soul, and I recommend this as a fabulous addition to any baby shower gift, or a wonderfull substitute for a card for the new parents.

These words and art remind us to find those tiny pleasures- like swing sets by moonlight- and connect with that universal child-like energy. I love to go to a park near my house and do this, and it ALWAYS transforms me. Celebrate and support your transformations with this poster, or for a friend.

It was during a Dangerous Tea that my poster How to Be an Artist got it’s first birth as a public statement…you really never know what will be created when you Invite Someone Dangerous to Tea!

It’s just so wonderfull to contemplate the outrageous things we might do. I like to leave notes at garden gates and houses I admire, and invite myself to tea. And I’ve been invited to a lot of fabulous tea and garden parties! You will love reminding yourself with these words, about what YOU might do!

BE inspired EVERY DAY with this creative Inspiration Guide.  You can hang this on the wall, or even cut out the shapes to create your own card deck! I use these words and suggestions to refresh my spirit, fill it up and then share that overflow with the world. YUM.

Many people have what I call “adventure amnesia.” They know that something is missing, but aren’t sure what it is. That something is Living Juicy, and I created this poster to remind us all. The opposite of Living Juicy is being dry and cracked. When I feel that way- when I forget about joy- I “juice myself up” by reading these words and buying myself flowers, or sleeping all day to stay in a dream, or finding a grassy hill to roll down- which always makes me laugh and remember the JOY of living JUICY.

This Succulent Wild Woman poster carries twenty wonderFULL messages that remind you to always let the happiness bubble up in your body and carry you away to a joy you never dreamed possible. Imagine yourself wrapped in a warm glow and surrounded by my intention that you explore and transform more in the areas of Love…Sexuality…Romance…Money…Fear…and Creativity. Become your own Succulent Wild Woman…and share the joy and delight with all the other succulent wild women in your life.

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