Rest More, Do Less

Rest More, Do Less


Nap Bed

Dear Moonbeam,

You might know that I wrote a whole book about napping called Change Your Life Without Getting Out Of Bed.

I created this book because I was so often feeling crabby and overworked. I still sometimes feel this way.

I’ve learned that when I feel good, I do good. And that when I feel rested, I feel better.

Of course it isn’t always or often possible to just stay in bed, but it IS possible to do what I call “change your moods like clothes” and take what I describe as “micro naps.”

It IS possible to change your thinking to better support what you’re doing, rather than what you say you don’t want.


The photograph is of one of my “virtual mentors.”
Her name is Irene, and she’s 81 years old. She runs races and wins most of them.
This photo of her reminds me to “rest in the middle.”
So, I’m reminding you. 

How’s your resting and napping ability? What deeply or briefly relaxes you?

Let me know below, and I’ll include your suggestions in another post about napping and resting.

Nap on! (or rest in the middle)
SARK (aka Susan)

p.s. you are GLORIOUSLY invited to rest + play + learn with us in our free Love BEAMS mentoring call on Thu/4 June 5:30-7Pm PST sign up here and you’ll also receive the inspiring recording.

Creatively Search + Find

Creatively Search + Find

Creative Rock
Dear Curious Creative,
I love finding great things that inspire me and others. I love doing research.
I find great places to rent, free things, ways to collaborate with others, resources, endless and wonderFULL things. 
People ask me all the time, “HOW did you ever find that??”
My main tool, in addition to my Inner Wise Self, is the creative use of a search engine. I most often use Google.
I’ve discovered that not everyone avails themselves of the creative use of Google to find great stuff. 
Here’s my creative method:
Put UNCOMMON things into the search field. And ask for what you really want. Be specific and describe something you want without wondering “if it will work.” Let yourself write odd, vulnerable even ridiculous things. No one but you will see it! 
You can also ask for what you really really want.
People sometimes get shy about asking and then wonder why they’re not finding.
Here are some inspiring examples:
For places to rent for a vacation:
•Rustic affordable luxury place to stay 
•Best place ever to rent that we will love 
•Vacation place that will thrill us endlessly 
The search engine pulls up key words that anyone has ever written about anything that you described.
This will lead you to blogs or postings or links to exactly the kind of spot you will love.
I’ve located the most magical vacation rentals ever by doing this.The photo below is of a magical giant houseboat we lived and created in.

The creative findings are truly endless. 
When I wanted to create support for myself in being happily single, I located something online called a “consciously singles wisdom circle” where I spent a year in conversation and exploration with other single people, and found out that I wanted to experience romantic love with another person. John and I are now writing a book together about love and getting married next year. Of course I’ll be writing more about my experience with the wisdom circle, which no longer exists in its previous form, and the concept can still be utilized by anyone.
When I was looking for support with being single, I wrote things in the search engine like:
•Being happily single after all 
•Learning to love and be in relationship with myself no matter what 
•I’m giving myself permission to stop “looking for love”
When I began experiencing an unusual dental challenge recently, I searched for:
•Pain free natural way to treat gum disease 
•Easy natural way to have greater dental health 
•New dental discoveries that will help me now
I then located a dentist named Dr. Mark Manhart, practicing in Omaha Nebraska, with a natural, affordable, innovative system using calcium, and I am experiencing results already. 
Their website serves the world at
(If you go there, let them know SARK sent you- it’ll be a fun surprise- they don’t know I’m writing about this:-)
Using your inner wise self- that part of you inside that loves and knows you unconditionally, matched with a search engine and your willingness to ASK, produces absolute miracles.
Let me know what you’ve asked for, or plan to ask for.
I’ll love to read and share about it! 
Love, SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)
How to bounce back when you manifest something UNmagical

How to bounce back when you manifest something UNmagical


As you may know, we’ve been sending out emails recently about our Magical Manifestation Method course that we’ve co-created with the fabulous Amy Ahlers- The Wake-Up Call Coach-that’s starting soon, and it’s easy to think of something with “magical” in the title as *only* playful & fun.

I’m here to tell you- manifesting doesn’t always feel joyfull, fun and magical. Manifesting includes things that can feel decidedly UNmagical.

Just recently, I manifested hives all over from a reaction to some medication, while preparing to teach a retreat and offer this program. I then manifested STRESS about getting everything done in time, while feeling pretty miserable physically. Then, my inner critics started in about how I should be able to manifest things differently!

It’s tempting to collapse in these kind of situations, and stay collapsed. If you want to manifest more of what you desire, you’ll want to spend less time collapsing and more time creating.

I live and love and work with my beloved- Dr. John Waddell, who is a Law of Attraction expert as well as a Ph.D. in psychology. We practice what we teach and offer, so there’s basically no escape from looking at what I’ve manifested and why.

This whole thing about the law of attraction and creating your reality can feel really annoying when it seems like what you’ve manifested doesn’t feel like what you wanted.

I’m glad to say that we’ve created, learned and practice processes and methods for spending less time in UPSET and more time in taking responsibility for the SETUP that we participated in that caused the upset. (These are the processes we teach in Magical Manifestation Method!)

We all experience upsetting things, and we all have the opportunity to support ourselves in recovering more quickly when these UNmagical or UNwanted manifestations occur.

So how do you bounce back quicker when those things happen?

One of the methods I use is my Inner Feelings Care System, another is a process from our Magical Manifestation Method program, and I’m including the whole thing right here for you:

“5 Steps to Bouncing Back Quicker”

1. Permission to Feel

Release the resistance to your truth and let yourself feel all of your feelings. Recognize that none of your feelings are bad, and you’ll be more free to feel.

2. Express those feelings

If this means complaining or having a tantrum – then do it! You can let those around you know you are expressing your feelings and  they don’t need to do anything about it. Expressed feelings *move* – which is part of bouncing back!

3. Willingness to shift

Ask yourself – are you truly willing to shift this experience? This might seem like an easy answer, but we are sometimes getting an un-recognized benefit from UNmagical manifestations. Allow yourself to see these and explore what’s possible when you shift – and then bring willingness.

4. See the big picture

Shift your perspective to a larger view – of this circumstance, of life, of how you are feeling. This is a wonderful time to consult with your Inner Wise Self – your IWS always sees the big picture, and is always there to give you information and support.

5. Now, ask yourself, what do I WANT to create?

A lot of the time, our UNmagical manifestations arise from UNconscious manifesting! In this step, begin to get very clear about what you *do* want to manifest – create the picture of it – and you’ll be bouncing back in no time!

Use this today to bounce back QUICKER. When we bounce back quicker, we feel joy more often, and we can then create and manifest more of what we desire.

And THAT definitely feels magical.

For more guidance and support applying this and other processes in your own life so you can manifest what you truly want more often, join me, Amy, and John in Magical Manifestation Method. We start soon – and you deserve it!

Magical Manifestation Method Logo

I like to call it MMM Delicious – because that’s how life can be when you consciously manifest.

Here’s to MORE of your manifested miracles,
SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

Creating and Collapsing

Creating and Collapsing

Dear Creative Soul,

When things feel difficult, it is tempting to contract or collapse in the midst of them.

When we feel hurt or diminished, it can feel natural to curl inward and just hide there.

And sometimes hiding for awhile feels good, and seems necessary.

In addition to many powerfull shifts and positive changes in my personal and professional life, I’ve also been experiencing some professional setbacks in certain areas- some unexpected changes and what have appeared to be reversals.

We are doing some bold new things in new ways, and we’re creating a new path as we go.

When it feels like collapsing to me, it feels like the last thing I want to do is create- anything.

Yet my wise self inside urges me onward to my pen and paper, and I began creating a mighty new vision for what I truly wanted.

It appeared that many things were collapsing around me as I created this new vision.

I became aware that I was choosing to spend my time and energy in creating, more than I was investing my energies in collapsing.

As each piece of “bad news” arrived, I turned towards the new creations- almost as though I hadn’t heard the other news.

And in a way, I hadn’t. At least I hadn’t heard it through the lens of fear, which always skews the results to “the worst.”

I knew if I immersed myself in collapsing, I would be under an interior pile that would take a long time to climb out from under.

I also knew that if I saturated myself in creating, I would certainly be able to uplift myself, and consequently, others.

Creating this attitude and perspective takes practice and application- neither of which can be experienced by only collapsing.

But my choice to see the benefits in collapsing is what allowed me to turn to the creating. And it wasn’t aversion to collapsing that led me out- it was my dedicated focus to the process of creating, of birthing, of reNEWing my spirit, while also simultaneously allowing the collapsing. This allowing of my collapsing leads me straight to creating- when I chose it.

In choosing it, I have something new to share with you very soon. An inspiring sort of creative pathway to help guide you through collapsing and creating. I know it is needed, because collapsing never goes away.

I still collapse, I just don’t spend as much time there.
I go down, I get back up.

Again and again, my Inner Wise Self expands my soul, my very being through this daily connection and communion with this giant unconditionally loving part of myself.

Whatever I thought was lost, broken or denied to me, was only reshaping itself, and this is further supported by my creating.

And both creating and collapsing serve us.

We soar and crawl, we fly and stumble, we zoom and inch, we blaze and block, we expand and contract, we allow and deny, we collapse and recover, we create and quit, we dance with both as we travel as human beans in this fruit filled symphonic full hearted palace of every soul’s awakening.

I send you creating AND collapsing, and the ability to go easily between the two, and spend less time in the collapse.

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

***Read Part 2,000 – Creating and Collapsing with SARK HERE***


Boat + Creativity

Becoming Your Dream

Becoming Your Dream

Become Your Dream

I found this medicine cabinet on the street in New York City when John and I were there last month. I think it represents a kind of soul medicine.

I love that someone wrote this message on the mirror:

“Become your dream.”

And it reminds me that we can all do that- become our dreams.

Whatever you are doing or being right now, it’s all a part of your dreams. Whatever you are not doing, or avoiding doing, it’s all a part of your dreams. 

Every particle of you grows towards the light, even as we also grow in the shadows and dark.

Dreams are resilient, they don’t go away, and it’s not ever too late to begin, start again, or quit and start new.

It is tempting to think if something you’ve dreamed hasn’t happened yet, or happened the way you thought, or happened at ALL, that it’s not enough, or not building towards your dreams.

It IS though.

Even if it’s crooked or grubby, or unformed, or unknown, it’s all a part of everything.

And you can also lead your dream as well as follow it and become it.

Over and over I ask people:

“What’s your dream?”

And I hear and see their answers in all of the creative projects, the babies, the new relationships, the businesses created, the homes rented or bought, the service given, the inventions of everything.

We all make everything up. 

So I ask you now, “What’s your dream?”

Share with me below one or part of one, or one you wish you could grow, or one that’s leaping and bounding beyond you, or share that you want one. It will grow and change shape in your naming it.

Your dream or dreams are becoming just like you are, in every moment and day.

Your Dreamcatcher Friend,
SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

Set Free Your Creative Expansions

Set Free Your Creative Expansions

Dear Soul of Dreams,

What causes you to feel creatively alive? It can be the tiniest thing, if you will allow it.

Do you put yourself on the path of your own creative thinking?

How do you relate to the world around you?

Do you play in some way with life and the people in it?
If not, why not? If sometimes, good for you!

If so, why not more, and differently?

We all live in this creative playground called LIFE

It is waiting for you to dance, sing, paint, and sculpt your story. It is inviting you to create your life story new all the time. It wants you to communicate with other human beans and share your love.

When you feel dull and flat, inhabit that place completely. Ask life to shelter you. Allow yourself to be cradled in tree roots or washed by the sky. Immerse yourself in endless pools.


Poet's Chair

You are not done expanding creatively yet. Your story is still being written.

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

How do you keep going creatively?

How do you keep going creatively?

Dear Flowering Heart,

How do you keep going creatively when “real life” seems to get in the way?

We all have creative desires. Creativity is in all of life- in the babies and the flower gardens, in the kitchens and our dreams. If you close your eyes and think of where your heart sings- it is where your creativity is too.

Being in nature nourishes our creative spirits. Giving to others in fresh ways is creative.

Creative walk

Our real lives call for so many things- and there doesn’t seem to be “time to be creative.” There isn’t unless you create some. The good news is, it doesn’t take long or much energy at all to create time for creativity. It only takes a perspective shift. Here’s quick guide:

  • Allow that you and your life are already creative, then give yourself permission to explore this.
  • Choose a creative desire- what would you enjoy spending more time doing if you had all the time in the world?
  • Now, envision yourself doing that. This includes doing “nothing.”

Your creativity will grow with this type of thinking. Your real life will become and feel more and more creative to you. There will be a certain glow in your face. People will wonder if you’re newly in love.

And you are- with your very own creative life.

Creatively yours,
SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)


Creatively Search + Find

Why Do You Want To Create Anything?

Dear Curious Explorer,

Why are we drawn to dream and create?

I believe it’s an expression of our love and our very living souls.

I believe we have unique ways of seeing and being

that can only be created through us.

It’s easier in some ways, to go along in our lives, avoiding creating.

“Creating something” is far more than books, paintings, songs architecture, or new software. These are physical manifestations of our creativity.

Our creative urges and desires are energetic, vibrational and part of something far larger than we are. Even if they never become physical.

The way we live life is creative.

Creative Rock

Our creative dreams don’t die or go away. Even when we ignore, avoid or resist them.

They placidly wait for us to notice, with periodic uprisings – uprisings that often get louder as we grow older.

We wonder if it’s “too late.” It is not.

We wonder if it’s “worth it.” It is.

Our creative visions can rise and swell like oceanic waves, when we let them. These waves can swirl in and around our “ordinary” lives. We create to live. We create because we wonder why. We create for no reason and every reason. We allow our creativity to flow through us, or we allow it in dreams or when we see the laughing eyes of a new baby.

We create because we’re here.

What are you creating? What will you allow to flow through you?


SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)


A Rainbow in the Sink

A Rainbow in the Sink

As you may know, the R in SARK stands for the name Rainbow.

The other day, I felt particularly crabby and resistant about something, and I looked up to see this rainbow in the sink.

Rainbow Sink

I yelped in appreciation 😉

Life is so miraculous- how it rolls out these serendipitous moments for us to appreciate.

I send you:

*Brand new ways to appreciate yourself, and whatEVER happens.

*Transformative super powers to leap over tall doubts in a single bound.

*The awareness that you and your life are limitless and you are not too late for anything.

*Willingness to be wrinkled, puffy, and slow, and love yourself even more.

*Abilities to for*give yourself and anyone else you think hurt you.

*The wisdom to accept your particular genius and uniqueness with grace, humility and wonder.

*Love magnified, miracles multiplied and manifestations abounding.

Growing YOUR Creative Dreams

Growing YOUR Creative Dreams

You are your creative dreams and great ideas are SO LUMINOUS they can be seen from outer space.

I had a dream where I saw the glow from all you delicious human beans on earth and what you are creating.

Sometimes we think we’re alone, or “the only ones.” That’s what is so important about creative community. It shows us all the other beans, learning and growing right along with us.

I am sending you a BIG BURST of enthusiastic applause and wonder for YOU and your creative dreams.

Your creative dream energy has the power to transform the world, and already is by your focusing on it.

I encourage you to invest your time and energy in your creative dreams.

Choose to face every resistance, and apply willingness instead.

I give you extra courage and a wellspring of blessings. Let me know what transpires next 😉

I invite you to enter my creative community – SARK’s Creativity Clubhouse for more delicious support and transformation!

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