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A Beacon of Hope in a Chaotic World

I’ve been a beacon of hope for the world since I was in first grade and came home and said to my mom, “Show and tell should be me everyday.” Once the other kids said that they didn’t want to do it, she and my teacher came up with a plan for me to go to a different grade every day.

When I was 10 years old, my best friend Mr. Boggs was 80, and he went into the hospital, and my mom told me he wouldn’t be coming back out.

I wrote something for him
 every day and sent it to the 
hospital. After a month, he 
returned home and said to me,
”I think you saved my life. No
 one else called or wrote while I
 was in there, and I had to get
 out to see you.” I ran in the
 house and told my mom that I 
was supposed to be a beacon of 
hope and write books for the 
world. I wrote my first book that summer.

I’m called to write this new book now because of the chaos that the world is in. Through all these years of publishing my books and sharing stories of love, magic and transformation, the biggest story I repeatedly hear back from my readers is;

“I was in a dark place, and you led me out.”

The world is in a dark place now, and I know that I am one of the leaders shining a bright light and offering new hope leading to new ways of doing and being.

And of course we must inhabit the darkness in order to lead into the light. I’ve done, and do that in copious measure, from the incest in my childhood to years of avoidance of my purpose, a suicide attempt, depression, poverty and most recently, the death of my beloved fiancé from stage 4 cancer.

I’m also sharing all my successes and uncommon adventures, from my Magic Cottage in San Francisco, to travels around the world with multimillionaires and billionaires, nefarious characters, and living on barter and trade for a decade, why I turned down being on the Johnny Carson show, how I created my own multimillion dollar company and books and art that have touched millions. I’m also sharing a new paradigm of grieving, where we grieve deeply and live wildly together – like bird wings.

This memoir is full of deeply – never before told -personal stories that are abundantly universal and carry significant alchemical medicine for the spirit.

The book is a map back to hope, and a buoyant message about the power we each have to transform, create and give our unique selves and gifts to the world. One of my unique gifts is that I’m able to activate and create a space for people to move through limiting circumstances and make real changes.

I’m inspired to offer this book as a beacon of hope for a chaotic world, and speak, teach and share about how others can do the same with their unique gifts.

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For the last thirty years SARK’s art, books and products have inspired millions around the world. The mission of Planet SARK and SARK herself is to be a beacon of light in a sometimes chaotic world. SARK continues to offer dynamic transformational programs, write and speak around the world. We are so glad that you joining in the mission to bring more light to planet.

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