Dear Love Beam,

Our very creative & extraordinary friends (as all good friends are;-) gave us an engagement party. Thank you to Amy & Rob, Val & Joseph, Clark, Jonah, Karin, Russ & Linda and every endearing soul who attended and participated.

From the moment John & I arrived, we knew it was going to be a very special time. They had rented a bouncy house made of color crayons!

Love Crayola Style

They had also prepared a giant book in advance- by mailing it back and forth- filled with spectacular & creative pages that each person had contributed to.

We’re still finding special tidbits within the pages.

Songs were written for us and performed with such love. In case you didn’t know, we are affectionately referred to as Mr. & Mrs. Wonderfull.

Here’s one of those songs- a 1 minute love story by our friend David- with lyrics:

We were also honored at the party by a circle of love- where people spontaneously shared what our love has meant & means to them. People’s expressions were so tender, bold, funny and endearing. They filled our hearts & made our hearts bigger.

It was a lot to receive and experience, and I’m/we’re still digesting and absorbing it all.

I wanted to share the love with you, so you could add it to your beams of love.

We’re getting married in April, and you’re included in a very special way. More about that in my next Adventure Post in the New Year.

Astonished by love,
SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy- Wonderfull)

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