I created SARK 30 years ago – yes, it’s been 30 years – and as I think about the hundreds of products I’ve created, the thousands of people I’ve taught, and the millions who have bought my books and been touched by SARK – I know my blankets are an on-going legacy of all things SARK.

It’s with GREAT HONOR and JOY that I present to you these 11 SARK Blankets – 11 poems – 11 creations of art and life – to inspire and blanket you and those you love with LOVE. These words and art have transformed and keep transforming my life, and I know they’ll do the same for you.

You can get one (or more) for yourself or as an amazing gift.sark circle long 

With my deep gladness and appreciation.


SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)


Our Newest Blanket – How To Be A Happy Writer!

We are all writers of our lives, and we thrive on being reminded how to be happier doing this “life living thing” and expressing ourselves in the process. I created 12 radiant portals for you with my most energizing and powerfull reminders, like “start tinier, start more often,” “you cannot know the effect your story may have,” and “make your writing REAL, then it can travel without you.” And these are all what I personally use to write and keep writing, because they work!

Get EXTRA Writer Love with any purchase of the newest SARK blanket:
How To Be A Happy Writer

While you wrap yourself (or your favorite writer) in the
inspiration of this blanket created just for writers, get Blanket_WWS_Bundle_2EXPANDED INSPIRATION from 19 fabulous writers and creators with my BONUS GIFT of the entire Writers Wisdom Series!!

Experience your own inspired self as you enjoy these audio conversational interviews FULL of wise, insightfull, practical AND magically transformative guidance. There’s lots of laughter as well as conversation with gifted people like Julia Cameron, Arielle Ford, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Amy Ahlers.  Plus, there are 15 others – authors, artists, editors, and even my publisher Marc Allen. Let this gift expand your definition of “writer” and fuel your creativity.  After all, we’re all writers of our own lives!


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All our blankets are 100% Cotton woven with a Fringe border. Each one measures 48″ x 69″. They are Fully Machine Washable and Made in the USA.

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Being A Succulent Wild Woman

Succulent Wild Woman

succulent wild woman_buy now_5

How To Be An Artist

How to Be an Artist Blanket

how to be an artist_buy now

 How To Really Love A Child

 How to Love a Child

how to really love a child_buy now

 Dogs Are Miracles With Paws

Dogs are Miracles

dogs are miracles with paws_buy now

Loving Is The Whole Point

Loving is the Whole Point Blanket
loving is the whole point_buy now

Just For Mom

Just for Mom
just for mom_buy now

Being A Wonderfull Friend

Being a Wonderfull Friend
being a wonderfull friend_buy now

Welcoming A New Baby

Welcoming a New Baby
welcoming a new baby_buy now

Ways To Be With Angels

Ways to be with Angels
ways to be with angels_buy now

Cats Are Angels With Fur

Cats are Angels
cats are angels with fur_buy now

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