I’m SARK, also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy- which spells SARK 😉

The name was given to me by the author Henry Miller in the early 1980’s. Soon after, I started taking notes as spirit spoke through me. Those notes turned into all the books and art and everything SARKian. I love representing the SARK spirit and I know that that spirit is inside everyone!

I’m welcoming you to my fun, creative, transformational and colorfull spot in the Universe called Planet SARK. It’s your home for Dreaming, Daring and Doing.

My intention for creating Planet SARK is that it be a transformational playground, where you will be supported and guided in new ways of Dreaming Daring and Doing, in your life and in the the world. It can also be a place of refuge for you, temporarily away from the rest of the world, the world that asks you to pay the bills, be practical and to play the various roles you’ve accepted. I am committed to conscious growth and change and invite you to join me and all the other juicy succulent souls on Planet SARK.

Throughout the course of my life and career as an international expert in personal well-being and transformation, my name has become synonymous with transformation, color, healing, movement & FUN.

I’m inviting you to play and connect with me, letting gladness expand into your heart and touch that place deep inside of you- your inner Wise Self- that already knows everything you’ll ever need in this world is within you.

I’ve written countless books and created programs that I offer to provide a powerfull, grounded and practical approach to feeling glad more often, transforming what hurts into what helps and living a life of joyfull creative expression. No matter what!

Through my own journey of personal transformation I’ve come to know that…

… I was put on this Earth to be a Transformer, an Uplifter and a Laser Beam of Love

…I do this through my Art, my Words and my Spirit

…I’ve been blessed with color, creativity and an infectious laugh that, I’m told, could bring a smile to the devil himself (of course, you’d have to believe in the devil for that to be true)…

…I believe that Miracles are not only possible – they are the natural order of the world.  If you have any doubt, simply look at a tiny baby; fall leaf colors glowing; the first snowflakes falling or your own dear face in the mirror. And we are surrounded by miracles that are just waiting for us to ask for them! I’ve lived and am continuing to live, a miraculous life and have transformed numerous challenges- and continue to transform! I’m practicing with everything that I offer to others.

My path has led me down many paths and roads, sometimes twisting back on itself to revisit experiences I had thought were long part of my history (I’m sure you can relate;-). Because healing and change don’t happen in steps like a ladder- they happen in spirals and layers. And practicing with those spirals and layers will lead to long-term sustainable growth and healing.

By walking (and sometimes crawling) with my eyes wide open through all of life’s many challenges, I’ve come to know myself and the world in new and wonderfull ways.

In return the world has shared itself abundantly with me, demonstrating that Creativity, Art and Spirit can help you ground yourself in a practical world while showing that it’s possible to build a sustainable, profitable business spanning 3 decades using my creative processes and practices to energize and enlighten others, in the events, publishing and internet arenas. Some call it a “lifestyle brand,” I call it SARK.

And as I’ve embraced all of the realities of life, the “grown-up” SARK has discovered new, powerfull and practical ways to laugh and be glad, and transform loss and change into the gifts that they really are. Conscious joy and informed self-love are the transformational fuel we can use for EVERYthing that we’d like to change or transform.

So let’s play and commune together in the way that suits you best, whether it’s…

…by email, through my free Great Life Letter…which are 52 magical life lessons to assist you in creating & continuing your own Great Life…

…through one of my 16 bestselling books, including Succulent Wild WomanBodacious Book of Succulence and Eat Mangoes Naked, which have helped inspire and transform more than 2 million people the world over…

…with my newest book, Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift And Opportunity, where I share my deeply personal journey of loss, grief, change and the practical strategies we can all use to cultivate profound, positive transformation through life’s inevitable challenges and joys, and show you how to live in the “marvelous messy middle” with all of it…

…through one of my transformational events where you can work with me in person and create great new results in your life

…through one of my inspirational talks, including Succulence is Powerfull at the TedxFiDi Women event on December 1, 2011

…through my powerfull and transformational programs offered over the world wide web and connecting you with phenomenal learning opportunities

…or by telephone, through my Inspiration Phone Line – a 5 minute recorded love note from my Inner Wise Self to yours – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I started this line over 17 years ago to connect with my readers and over 10,000 people from all over the world reach out and share their feelings and experiences in their lives. You are so welcome too! 415 546 3742 (EPIC)

There’s so much more to share with you, so let’s begin our adventures together, starting right now, from exactly where you are, and HOW you are! We are all practicing and growing together and I deeply welcome you to your “home” here on Planet SARK.

With great love and inspiration,
Susan (aka SARK)


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