I send you this art as a reminder of your healing abilities- no matter what.

As I was deciding what to write for this Magic Blog, I found myself bereft of words, caught in what felt like a hopeless entanglement of sadness and loss.

No-thing in particular, everything in general.

I imagine you know what I mean.

I’m reminded of what someone said to last week when I wrote about being yelled at in my Magic Blog.

Kathryn Tabor wrote;
“How do you do it SARK? Cheerful on top of Cheerful?”

And I replied;
Dear Kathryn Tabor!
“I’m cheerfull layered in with crabbiness, despair and absolute horror. I just don’t get stuck there.”

Lots of people thanked me for my honesty, for being real.

I’ve been doing this work of being real and vulnerable my whole life, and for my whole writing life, and since I began publishing my work in 1989.

I cannot imagine being any other way, and have waited my whole life for the world to openly share more of their real selves too, and am so pleased by the significant positive shifts I see and experience in those directions.

Especially when that realness contributes to real healings for real people in this world.

The more we can each be who we really and truly are, embracing and sharing our shadows and sharing our light, and opting out of trying to bypass the real stuff, the more we can move forward in and with love.

What about you? Do you feel like you can be real? What stops you or supports you in that? In what ways are you healing yourself? Let me know in the comments if you wish.



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