I can already hear you saying that you’re not a creative genius, or that others are, or that others are more than you, or that it’s overblown hyperbole. 

It could be the word genius;-) 

But consider this definition:

“Genius comes from the Latin word of the same name, meaning “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth” or “innate ability.” 

Isn’t that lovely? Certainly we are all qualified by birth for that.

What if I wrote: You are a creative? 

Would you wonder if you were?
Or would you know that you are creating all the time? 

Ideas, solutions, love, ways of being, food, NEW THINGS. 

And I created these words some years ago, isn’t the last line extra funny now??

I want to know:
What are you enjoying creating?
What do you wish you were creating?
What do you enjoy about zoom? 

 Respond in the comments, and we will all be inspired. 

I’m creating more love and creativity everywhere and in every way that I can.
Join me in creating a new world that works + plays for EVERYone.



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