What’s Your Dream?

I endlessly love asking this question. I’m always so curious about what people carry inside their hearts and souls.

Sometimes I describe it as a creative dream, although some people question whether they’re creative or not, which is a whole other conversation (hint: you are.)

I asked my lovely mail carrier this question the other day and his whole face lit up as he said;

“I want to help people learn math!” And he excitedly described how he was going back to school for this purpose.

Then he mused about his age and whether it was “too late” for his dream.
I was reminded that our dreams never leave us- we leave them for various reasons, and sometimes put them away entirely.

Meanwhile, the dream waits.

Sometimes dreams want to be revised, edited, or reawakened.

And in every case, dreams benefit from being shared.

Making creative dreams REAL involves intention, commitment and focus, along with resiliency, humor and hope, and a dash of outrageousness. And, you will encounter every kind of fear and obstacle too.

How you choose to relate to the blend of emotions about your creative dream- and keep going, is your great opportunity.

I dreamed mightily about having another great love, and it created itself around me, despite my fears, resistances and feelings of hopelessness. Of course I also felt inspired, hopefull and glad too. Our dreams are happy to be made real in the midst of all of our feelings!

Let me know one or more of your dreams and let these words celebrate, encourage, inspire, uplift and DARE you to do so. As you share, it is made more REAL.




p.s. I’m sharing one of my favorite dreams made real next week and will be inviting you to join me. It’s a caravan of curiosity.

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