Tiny Wedding, Big Love

tiny wedding, big love

Tiny Wedding, Big Love

We did it!!

After 4 years of loving and living together, we got married privately in San Francisco on September 30 2022.

Here we are last July, applying for and magically getting our marriage license at City Hall in San Francisco.

Over the next few years, or longer! 😉 we are also having a series of what we are calling “tiny weddings” – each with close friends or family members. We are looking forward to really savoring the serendipity and magic with each person at each tiny wedding. Tiny weddings, BIG love indeed!

This all started because David proposed on Christmas, and then proposed again on each of the 12 days after, and periodically throughout the year! (I’ve said yes each time!) We’ve realized that we just love the repetition of really good things.

We also wanted to release ourselves from any pressure of a single wedding “date” or time, and have lots of happy chances to enjoy a multitude of love-filled tiny weddings!

We’ve had several tiny weddings so far, and each one has been uniquely miraculous and meaningfull. One was in our home, one was at David’s parents’ house in Vermont, and another was an impromptu ‘silent wedding’ in the quiet sanctuary of the Muir Woods redwood forest. We titled that event “tiny wedding, Big Trees!” This is a new paradigm for weddings, and we are very excited about it.

And speaking of new paradigms, you might know that we each married ourselves years before we met. I had written about doing this in my book Succulent Wild Woman, and have inspired others to do the same. David had married himself also, without having read my book or knowing that I taught about that. We both believe that it is our commitment to self-love that has allowed our relationship to flourish so abundantly.

Most of all, we wish for more love for all, in all ways.

My former fiancé John, who became non-physical in 2016, heartily supports our marriage and predicted from the afterlife in early 2018 that my husband was on his way and would arrive in May. I met David in May 2018 after he called my Inspiration Phone Line (415-546-3742) – and left ME a truly inspirational message.

David and I have just returned from a 2 week magical honeymoon on the California coast – and as you’ve probably guessed, we’ll also be having more than one honeymoon!
And please note that honeymoon, to us, includes the “marvelous messy middle” of it all:-)

Thank you for your love and enthusiasm for us, and we’d like to invite you to share any wisdom or blessings to carry with us in our marriage.

What do you envision for us? Do you have any special reminders or quotes for us to enjoy? Thank you for your kind words. We will revel in reading them together.

We send you our love~

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  1. Barbara

    Dearest SARK and your Darling David, Huge Congratulations to you both! I wish you many happy years filled with adventure, laughter, and love. SARK, I have followed you for a long time and was happy when you met John because YOU were so happy. My heart absolutely broke for you when he transitioned. I admired your strength and ability to carry on in a way that not only helped you grow and evolve, but helped many of us as well. Then David came along and I saw you truly blossom like never before. What a delight it has been watching you both learn and grow together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love with us. You are truly a treasure. Sending you both much love & light.

    • Mariah

      A beautiful Christmas love boost from, reading , and feeling your and David’s delicious love story🌹🌿

      2 lady friends and I are soon in Pt Reyes reflecting and laughing
      As laughter IS the shortest distance between people💕

      Your Bay Area Neighbor
      Mariah Altrocchi
      Biofeedback Practitioner
      And leprachaun☘️

  2. Debra

    It’s just Beautiful and splendid. what a great way to share & renew your love each & every time.
    Many happy years to you both! you deserve it all.

    You give me great hope💜

  3. Chava Gal-Or

    Dear SARK and David,

    I love how life calls you and you answer by doing what is calling you.

    As you say yes (again & again), also hold these other three short words close to you on a rainy day when the ‘messy middle’ surrounds you:
    Live. Life. Now.

    AND do this again & again,

    Onward with love, light, and blessings- now & always,


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