What does it mean to be and feel lit up by love?

It’s easy to see and be love when we’re looking at loving people, places or things.

Here are David and I, lit up by love on our recent 1 year anniversary trip.

How do we continue being lit up by that love when we return home and the myriad of tasks and what.could.definitely.be.described.as.annoyances.occurs?

What then?

It’s tempting to brush feelings aside, put them under the rug, or just try to snap the bulging container of your emotions shut.

Of course those ways don’t work, and emotions come seeping, bubbling and leaping out- usually at very inconvenient times, and with people that we love.

You may know that I live in the Marvelous Messy Middle, with all of my feelings, and love living lit up by love as often as possible. I also share what doesn’t work, what sometimes fails spectacularly, and how being human is just.so.messy.

For myself, and the people I privately mentor in Magical Mentoring, I teach and share my Inner Feelings Care system- where you are shown how to lovingly and skillfully tend to all of your feelings quickly and more consistently.

To care for feelings, here’s the short 1 2 3 version of what I do & teach with private clients and in my Succulent Wild World membership.


1. Fully feel what you feel

By fully, I mean all the way through. Most of us stop short and just say we’re annoyed, when we actually feel enraged. Fully feeling is like taking a deep breath.

2. Name or describe a “negative” feeling in some way when it arises:
You might say, “Anger- I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you.” Anger is just trying to get your love and attention, and when you acknowledge and name it, it can soften and change shape. It can then move differently, and move on when you’re ready.

3. Receive the relief of having an inner feelings care system.
Gather the benefits of tending skillfully with love to your feelings. The results will be that you feel better much more often and so will the people around you. This is the real “clutter clearing” to do- clear the clutter of untended feelings and release yourself from their clamoring for your attention.


You will then feel more free to be lit UP by love, no matter what circumstances occur.

Let me know what feelings care you are practicing and if you are- I’ll love to know and support you.



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