When I wrote and created this book in 1997 it was my statement of self liberation. Liberation from conformity, hiding, resisting my purpose, my sexuality,
my perceived flaws, faults and all the ways I was wonderfull that I couldn’t really see or accept.

My “family of choice” became my friends and my readers as I continued my path of self healing and discovery.
I wrote these words in Succulent Wild Woman;

“I believe that these circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we’re strong. Let’s lean back and let the arms of women’s friendships carry us and help us to know ourselves better, and live our lives together.”

And of course it’s not only women that weave these nets of love, it’s all of us.

I am moved to highlight
INTER-dependence more than independence just now.

Independence is so highly valued that people feel “needy” when they need each other, and don’t ask for help or support from others because they fear they don’t deserve it, or will be judged for being needy- that they should “get it together” and not need anything.

This is ridiculous and also understandable. We are educated to be self sufficient, and rewarded for independence. It isn’t that independence is bad, it just leaves out so much of our lives and stories. We are created to need and love each other, and as the author Henry Miller said, to “cluster together like stars.”

Let’s start rewarding interdependence and celebrate the ways we support and are there for ourselves and others.

Who’s with me?




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