I am frequently feeling despair these days, and am navigating anxiety deeply. 

People still get surprised to hear this- I guess because I use a lot of bright colors and often write about miracles. They forget or don’t know about all the ways I write and have written, about the darkness and all of the many ways I experience it. 

I’ve been doing this for my whole long writing life. 

I started writing and publishing at age 10, and then spent 25 years experiencing so much fear and procrastination, that I silenced myself. 

Then I learned how to get truly connected to my creative gifts, make them REAL and continue offering them. I’m still doing that. 

And thank GOODness that I’ve learned more about continuing to move along and through whatever challenging feelings I have, and keep practicing avidly. I used to feel like I was the only one feeling so much. I now know that our feelings are a universal language and experience

Isn’t it odd that we persist in thinking that others have it better or easier than we do? Meanwhile, we’re all human, humaning along, with all of our feelings and resistances and fears, with all of the feelings in our emotional families. 

I believe that the more we feel in community and communion with other people about our feelings, the more easily and often that we’ll love ourselves and others

Share ways that you are feeling and what’s working for you with feelings like despair, grief, loneliness or fear– or any others- we’ll love knowing and sharing in your experience, and add it to our internal resource libraries.

If you wish, read more in my Magic Blog about fast ways I uplift myself in times of despair- or any other challenging emotions, and how you can too~ 

Upliftment can happen when we can feel what we feel and keep moving with our feelings. 

Many people try to avoid, deny, repress, anesthetize, or otherwise hide from their feelings. 

We know it doesn’t work, but the alternatives seem worse, so we keep practicing NOT FEELING, and then that habit gets stronger. 

There’s a much easier way to feel better more often, and that’s to feel your emotions.

E-motions are feelings that MOVE

I’m always practicing ways to let my feelings be felt and moved. One of these ways is giving myself permission to feel whatever “it” is. 

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings by saying their name or names out loud. 

You can say sentences like this one- any kind of acknowledgement will work: 

“Despair, I see you, I feel you, I hear you” 

And you can add the word love to that sentence if and when you wish. 

This allows the feeling to soften and change shape, and allows your love in

As a result, you will feel more of your feelings more often, and be able to move WITH your feelings, instead of resisting, refusing or trying to hide from them. 

More love will get in, more love can be delivered, more love will be generated. 

More feelings felt = more love to feel. 

Isn’t that lovely? 



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