Since the love button came out on FB, I’ve rarely used anything else. I dreamed of that button for years after FB started, and am so happy to now have it. I love to think of everyone contributing so much love as they read or respond

I believe that our collective dreamings and doings cause great things to happen

I remember telling my grandfather (I called him Boppa) of my dream to be a writer, and he responded by having a tiny playhouse built for me that was delivered to my backyard! 

It had sliding glass windows, a linoleum floor, Dutch doors, and electricity! I can still smell the wood

I wrote my first book that summer. 

Then I told my mom about my dream to be a beacon of hope writing books for the world

She bought me the biggest box of crayons in the neighborhood and made me the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to bring up into my apple tree fort, where I was when I wasn’t in my playhouse. 

That dream held steady as I lived a wild life and did everything in my power to resist its call, until I finally burst out 25 years after writing my first book, by starting to write all the books that lived inside of me

I think of dreams being made real like a call and response- we ASK in some way, the world delivers in some way

The asking can be wobbly and uncertain, the delivery may come in forms other than what we originally thought, and still, dreams are delivered. 

What dreams are you dreaming? I’d love to know and hold the vision of you receiving them~ 

After my fiancé John died in 2016, I asked for another great love. When it hadn’t arrived by 2018, I gave up asking. I felt like that asking was just so NEEDY and ineffective. Mostly I just didn’t believe it would ever happen, and it hurt too much to think that it might not. 

So many feelings get activated when we ASK

All the negatively slanted WHAT IF’s march forward to be seen and felt. 

All the inner critics rise up to remind about the complete impossibility of the dreams

Well-meaning people try to help, and their advice falls far short of our dreamings. 

Then sometimes we can ASK AGAIN, which I did in the form of going to a love class, and hiring a love coach. 

These were wonder-full experiences and didn’t deliver the actual living breathing great love into my life

So I ASKED DIFFERENTLY and wrote and shared something called “I’m dating the world,” and the world delivered the best possible actual living breathing great love into my life

His name is David and we’ve been together a year & a half, and so happily living together for a year in San Francisco. 

And all the love in the world is reflected through him, and through me, and we are able to share that love everywhere we go, in everything we do

And when we forget, we practice realigning to the love that is always there

Love, love ever love,



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