People often tell me that they admire my ability to self express, and to “be creative.”

I’m glad that I have these abilities and that they inspire people in this way, and I’m especially glad for every person who expresses themselves and their creativity in our world.

It wasn’t always like this for me.

Here I am in a photo collage I made with my beloved cat Jupiter outside of my Magic Cottage in San Francisco, many years ago. I still have this Magic Cottage! Jupiter became my ongoing creative spirit guide.

I believe that the world wants us to be the channels of our unique creative gifts, and will turn eagerly towards us when we do.

We are made to create.

After some early years of expressing my creativity, I spent most of the first part of my life repressing my creativity, due to all the usual fears, and all the usual what if’s.

What if 

No reads it

No one likes it

No one cares

It’s not any good

It’s too much like ______

It’s not enough of _____

People judge me for ______

It doesn’t turn out the way I hoped

I never do it at all

I’m not good enough

It’s not good enough

There are so many fears to be felt. I stopped myself for SO MANY YEARS because of these and other fears. My mind was like a continuous fear factory.

Then I turned.

I turned towards the other kind of what if’s. 

The nourishing kind. And I mostly started asking just one question:

What if

I love creating as much as love can love?

And most of the usual fearfull what ifs were transformed by the turning. And by the practicing of focused alchemy with my mind and heart. And by the willingness to feel and keep feeling my way through the often terrors of my mind and receive uncommon support for creating, and for recreating my life and my gifts.

And to continue creating no matter what.

I am consistently passionate about creation and creative expression, and about making more creative dreams REAL, and about mentoring others to do this too. 

I feel like I’m like a creativity love MAGNET.

I’ll be inviting you soon to a very special opportunity I’ve created. It’s going to be FUN, playfull, magical, practical and life changing.  It’ll be all about turning and returning to your creative gifts and sharing them with the world- if you wish. 

Let me hear your YES! if you’re interested and inspired.



p.s. You and your creative dreams are immensely important and need you to bring them into being~


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