My love partner David arrived to our lunch table wearing this post it on his T-shirt.

And of course two tiny rainbows hopped on for emphasis.

He had received this message in one of his daily communions with God & spirit, and had written these words in his journal, and then wanted to share them creatively with me. 

Love loves loving, and love loves moving through us. In that way, we are all built for love and for loving. 

Thank you to everyone that celebrated our love union on an anniversary I posted about recently- it’s so wonderfull to celebrate love and loving.

I think there can also be a “tyranny of couples” where we imagine that “if only we could find love with another” life might somehow be easier, better, or more romantic. And it can be, and often is wonderfull to be part of a couple, and we must all practice solo too.

When I was soulfully single, I practiced in these soul loving ways, and romanced myself. I am continuing to do that with myself and in partnership with David.

One of our main commitments to ourselves and each other is to tend to our own alignment before reaching out to the other. This means we spend time separately tending to our own souls, so that we can truly be together when we are. We live in a fairly small space, so it means that we get creative to be able to do so. 

And I’m practicing this kind of “intimacy with myself” in new ways while we’re together too. 

In what ways are you built for love?

How are you practicing loving yourself while loving others?

In what ways is love moving through you?

Let me know if you wish, and know that I’m all-ways practicing.

Love, ever love,


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