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My darling and daring David and I are celebrating 2 years of being together. 

Some wouldn’t count the first 3 months, because we didn’t physically meet until 3 months after we first met on the telephone (he called my Inspiration phone Line 415- 546- 3742) May 21, 2018. 

I count it all as a miracle because after my former fiancé John died in 2016, I was pretty positive that my time with romance or the possibility of a great new love in my life was OVER. 

I believed this way because I couldn’t SEE any ways that it could be different

Then, I kept multiplying my non-seeing so what I saw matched it. 

I am so SNEAKY when I create- sneaky in the sense that I can create anything- including WHAT I DON’T WANT. 

And I frequently repeated the common phrases: 

“All the good ones are taken”
“I’m too old”
“I’m too controlling” (basically “too” anything)
“I’m not willing to settle” 
On and on and on, including; 
“You already had one great love- don’t be greedy.” 

Thankfully as I kept creating what I didn’t want, my quantum sight abilities were also being created

My quantum sight was so much larger and more fascinating than the prior program I was listening to. 

I wanted a love affair with life. A full hearted passionate affair of huge dimensions.
A consciousness of curiosity. 
A caravan of wonderment. 

I then made the statement: 

I am truly willing and available for love, so show me the way! 

First I wrote a love letter that stated: 
I Am Dating the World. 

And I did! I began really truly romancing the world, in my own unique ways, and lived with the passion- back and forth- that I said I wanted in a person. And most importantly, I began seeing it that way. 

And in just one day after that, David POPPED UP into my world. 

And I “saw” him with my quantum sight, and allowed him IN. 

To my heart, to my life, to my home. 

And we made a new kind of quantum home together– as we were both dating the world that way before we met! 

Now 2 years later, we are more deeply in love with each other and the world than ever

Celebrate our love and your love with life and loves, with us in the comments– let’s flow more love forward using our quantum sight abilities. What kinds of love are you seeing? Let me know

We realized right away that to have a creative, magnificent and full hearted love relationship, that we would each need to fill ourselves up and share with each other from the overflow, rather than coming to each other half empty, trying to get filled up. 

So we vowed: 

To tend to our own alignment first. 

(Meaning, that we do our own inner work consistently so that we’re not projecting onto or blaming the other person for ANYthing.) 

Does it all-ways work? 


When we practice keeping our commitment to doing it. And when we can decipher who’s not doing it:-) 

Do we still experience problems, issues, conflicts, disturbances, upsets? 


We just don’t stay there too long. 

And when we do, we have an excellent therapist who helps us. 

Here’s to everyone further developing their QUANTUM SIGHT abilities, to trans-form whatever is un or less wanted, into what is wanted

And then we can each be loving ourselves, each other and the world EVEN MORE. 



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