I knew I wanted to be with a playfull man, who loves deeply and kindly, like breathing. David is that man of my soul. Here he is, listening to flowers again 😉 Or perhaps, letting flowers listen to him? 

We play games that create even more closeness, or just make us happy. 

Here are 2 favorites, and they’re good to play by yourself, or with anyone else. Remember that playing for yourself is self-full rather than selfish– just in case you get shy describing how much you love yourself. 

1. Do you want to talk about how much we love each other? 

And then you each speak about how much you love each other- in detail. Here’s what I wrote about him on this particular day. There is literally no end to the things I can write or speak about loving him

He won’t read this until you do- I wrote it as a surprise

Dear David, 

I love watching you laugh and your eyes crinkle up double. I love that you curate flowers. I love that you track that I have enough of a particular thing. I love that you live your life as a prayer, and are willing to really hear and be with, my fears and share yours. I love that you are so not normal. I love how timeless time is around you. I love that you enjoy repeating things that you love. I love that you are so devoted to love and spirit and your own alignment. I love how much you’re willing to explore and experience your depths and shadows, and that mine are welcomed. I love your creative brilliance, and your blazingly quick wit. 

I love loving you, being loved by you, and loving life with you. 

Who will you play this game with? Let me know~ let me read your loving sentences. Love shared multiplies love felt. 

2. The other game David and I play frequently is called Great Job David, or in your case, Great Job _______. 

You can write about a particular topic, or just in general. I’m going to write one about David’s CareLoving (aka Caregiving) for me during my 7 weeks of having a broken ankle. Of course it’s an abbreviated list, or you would just be reading endlessly. 

It can also be great to record an audio Great Job note for yourself or someone you love or appreciate. 

Great job David! 

Great job for:  

    • Getting all the icepacks and keeping my ice machine filled and flowing. 
    • Keeping me entertained and feeling comforted even when I was crying when my cast was hurting. 
    • Reassuring me that you saw me as beautifull and sexy when I hadn’t bathed in days 
    • Knowing that I would heal and be stronger than ever, and telling me so 
    • Listening to all my feelings as I processed being non weight bearing for weeks and weeks
    • Getting me the equipment I needed and right away
    • Reading Winnie-The-Pooh out loud to me every night for awhile in the beginning when I couldn’t sleep 
    • Celebrating every tiny gain 
    • Checking and rechecking everything that needed checking 
    • Taking time for yourself every day to fill up your own loving cup 
    • Trusting me to be loving myself through this marvelous messy middle experience 
    • Learning that there are many layers and levels to taking care of oneself while taking care of another, and that being a “perfect CareLover” is not advantageous 
    • Cooking almost all the delicious meals, ordering the groceries and restocking everything needed in the house 
    • Going to the library and returning my books and picking up ones I’d ordered 
    • Offering to wash my hair 
    • Taking me to the doctor and carrying all my equipment down 3 flights of stairs and then back up again 
    • Holding my hand at the doctor when they had to perform 2 stress tests on my already broken ankle 
    • Accepting some help from friends and from a Task Rabbit I hired 
    • Supporting me in feeling independent even as I learned so much about feeling dependent and growing in interdependence 
    • Loaning me your handwritten sign that says: Patience is Magnetic, Powerful and Healing 

    Playing these games with yourself or others creates a new kind of self-talk that is so nourishing. Let me know if you practice it or something like it- let’s support each other in creating kinder, more loving inner and outer dialogue. 


    Getting all the icepacks and keeping my ice machine filled and flowing. 



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