This is the Gingerbread person I made with my sister in law Jennifer.

I drew the word yes in the skirt, so I guess it’s actually a gingerbread woman.

Cookies are so cheerfull to me.

They’re round (or square) and sweet and ready to play. Or they’re in the shape of a friendly looking human.


I think this is how I got into rather unfortunate cookie relationships in my past.

I consorted with the wrong sorts of cookies and projected all sorts of benevolent qualities upon them- when they were lining up to tempt me to eat them! And keep eating.

And I’ve written about how I used to eat rows of cookies- that was long ago, but I still wistfully remember my sedated self plucking each cookie out of its plastic row holder…..

Is this a cookie serenade? Or a cookie confession?

Recently I ate a type of cookie that used to captivate me, and it tasted overly sweet and not very good at all.

I felt sad at the shift and thought longingly of how it used to work to sedate my feelings with cookies.

I would say yes to the cookies calling to me from all the various cupboards and stores, and have to eat them- no matter how I felt.

I hypnotically ate them for comfort, companionship, amusement, distraction.

The cookies were my “friends.”

But they didn’t really fill me in the ways I longed to be filled. The fillings were false, and led to more false fillings.

And unlike friends, or myself, I couldn’t count on them to be there-no matter what.

They would disappear soon after I brought them home!

Cookies were sweet but demanding, playfull but addictive, amusing but self-centered.

I think I’ve broken up with cookies.


There are some really good cookies though, worth fooling around with;-)

My cookie standards have changed. I’m only letting the best ones in now.

The kind of cookie that respects me at night AND in the morning.

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