I’m so happy Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat, Pray, Love. Besides being a marvelous book, it’s really fun to play with the title.
I also really enjoy Jack Kornfield’s book and title; “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry” for these same reasons.

Writing is meant to fit in with our actual lives, not be separate from it.

So many people think they need to go on a sabbatical to write. The sabbatical IS daily life. Writing happens in between the prayers, the laundry, the garbage and the lovemaking.

I teach a method called MicroMOVEments that I created over 20 years ago, that shows writers how to weave their writing into their daily lives.

Tiny movements equal huge results, and it’s how I created all of my 16 bestselling books and am currently writing 4 more simultaneously.

I also live a great life at the same time! And a great life means living in what i call the “marvelous messy middle,” feeling all of my feelings as much as possible. This results in more time for experiencing JOY.

And by the way, with microMOVEments there’s plenty of time to avoid, procrastinate, watch TV and resist writing too!

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