Dear Visioning Spirit,

I’m really excited about our new pathways for continuing our time together: WOW NOW and WOWS!

You can find all the details about WOW NOW HERE. Because WOWS is just a super small group – open only to 25 people – there isn’t any formal “page” with details – you’ll find all the details here that we sent in an email.

If you are currently in WINS, but not WINS+ and actively submitting your writing for my review and mentoring, you can decide to join WOWS for the upcoming December through March time frame – as long as we have a seat left.

I LOVE reading and responding to you and your writing – I love connecting with you and being a part of your evolving process. And that’s what’s possible with WOWS: Write ON With SARK!

Here’s how WOWS will work & play:

You’ll get an opportunity to submit your writing 3 times over the next 4 months (we’re taking into consideration the US holiday period), I’ll respond with my miraculous audio note, and you’ll be able to email me privately with questions or follow-ups from my response.

I’m welcoming just 25 luminous people into this new adventure, and there are a few spots remaining. If you want to continue, please use the links below to register now.

Know that when you choose to join me in WOWS: Write ON With SARK, you’ll have complete access to WOW NOW as well! (That’s right – WOW NOW is included in your choosing of WOWS!)

If you want to continue to WOWS: Write ON With SARK and receive:

  • 3 submissions
  • Audio responses and email follow-ups
  • Complete access to WOW NOW

Just use the link below to register and choose your payment option – it’s available for 3 payments of $199 or you can save $50 and pay in full for just $547.

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”24″ color=”E041D0″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Click Here to Join WOWS[/font]

Whatever you choose, I thank you for honoring your creative spirit and sharing your visions with the world.

Creatively yours,

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

PS – There’s no other place you’ll find out about WOWS, so if you have questions not answered here, just send an email to

SARK circle

You are seen, You are known, You are loved!

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