Stop 9 Say Yes

Take the “Say YES Challenge”: Your desires are yours to empower you to action – choose 1 day this week when you will say “YES” to anything that inspires you.  See what happens and write about it and how it made you feel.


To be completed.

  • (Say Yes – Video #1, snippet 13:39 – 16:40, willingness to move without proof, and ask 3 questions for fill in – I will use my creative dream courage to ____, I am inspiring because I _____, I am willing to ____)

Saying YES is a JOY MULTIPLIER- especially when you give yourself permission to say NO when you feel like it. Saying YES to your creativity is a MAGIC MAKER. You are full of creative inspiration, even if you feel flat, stale, bored, crabby, overworked, or any other state that tries to fool you into thinking that you’re not.

It’s in the doing that creativity blooms, not in the “thinking about the doing.” Saying YES awakens creative doing. If you wait for the inspiration to arrive, then usually your real life will intrude, and you’ll say that you “didn’t have time” to create what you dreamed of.

Your creative doing can be VERY TINY. If you begin, you will likely continue. If you don’t start at all, inner critics will appear to remind you that you NEVER DO ANYTHING. Saying YES conciously will circumvent that habit.

Use these Journal Prompts to move you through this Map Stop:

  • Say YES more often. Write about what you’d love to say yes to and why you don’t or haven’t yet.
  • Make a MicroMOVEment of anything that encourages you to BEGIN. After you complete that one, repeat.
  • Allow all your NO’s to flow. Make a list of everything you cannot, will not, no way, no how, under any circumstances will NOT do. Making this list will be fun and release you from needing to stop yourself with unnecessary NO’s, which will lead you to more YES’es.
  • Say YES and call me on the Inspiration Phone line right now 415-546-3742

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