Stop 8 Take Outrageous Actions


Take Outrageous Actions for no reason: Have an idea that seems wild to you? Do it anyway!  That’s where most creative miracles come from.

Now that you are communicating with your Inner Wise Self, and gathering inspiration from paper mentors, you’re probably also getting lots of ideas.  Some of them seem outrageous and surely not meant to actually be done.  Well, I’ve had some of my most amazing adventures by simply taking actions – saying “YES” even when I was scared or didn’t know how things would turn out.

Watch this video to hear about the Miracle that came my way in one of these Outrageous Action moments:Outrageous Action (Video #1, snippet :41 – 2:21, story of coming to SF with $30, having dinner with artist sign, and getting the executive suite for 2 weeks)
And here’s another story of my Inner Wise Self in action supporting me to take the perfect – and seemingly outrageous – actions: (Outrageous action 2 – Video #3, 10:00 – 13:15, chips story in grocery store with Aussie couple.)


Use these Journal Prompts to move you through this Map Stop:

  • What’s one thing that you’ve been inspired to do, or desire to do, but seems just too outrageous for you to take action on? Why is it outrageous to you? Do you know anyone or know of anyone, who has done it? Dialogue with your Inner Wise Self on this and write what arises.
  • Be adventurous! Is there someone you’ve always wanted to meet? Reach out in some new way and write about what you imagine doing.
  • Have a tiny adventure close to home. Leave a note in a tree, or at a garden gate in your neighborhood, or put up a positive sign at the laundromat- make a list of things to do that will delight you, and refer to your list when you want to experience something NEW
  • Email, text or write yourself a letter that you’d LOVE to receive. Say ALL the things you’d love to hear.

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