Stop 5 Play The Creative Dream Game

Play the Creative Dream Game: With a pen & paper ask your Inner Wise Self “What am I being called to create today?” and write down the answers.  Play often to more and more clarity your creative dreams.

There are so many ways to play the Creative Dream Game – we played a little together on Map Stop 1 – and here’s a great question to play the game on over and over again – it’s in this short video clip: (Question 1 -Video #3 snippet 16:46-17:25)


So, what are you being called to create today? You can ask this question and then write what your Inner Wise Self provides.  And you might be surprised that you’ll get different answers – because your creative dreams aren’t static – your intentions and purpose for the gifts you’ve been given move and change as you and your life move and change.

This is also a great way to bring in inspiration if you are feeling blocked or un-inspired.  Simply ask your Inner Wise Self, “What am I being called to create today?” and acknowledge whatever the answer – maybe you’re to create a luxurious nap, or maybe you’re to create a day of fun or inspiration in nature.  All creating is valuable.

Use these Journal Prompts to move you through this Map Stop:

  • I feel so excited about my creative dream(s) because ________________
  • I get scared sometimes about my creative dream(s) because ______________
  • I’m not sure what my creative dreams are because __________
  • I’m sure about my creative dreams because ____________
  • I LOVE my creative dream(s) because _____________

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