Stop 3 Go On Miracle Walks

Go on Miracle Walks: Ask “Miracle Find Me Now” and start walking – look for the miracle that will be in your path! To be completed.

    • (Miracle Walk – Video #1, snippet 11:25 – 12:53)


A Miracle Walk is where you go out of your house or wherever you are, put your palms up and say “Miracle, Find Me Now.” Then, walk or move until you see something that appears to be a miracle. Remember that miracles are sometimes disguised as crying children, barking dogs, or trash on the street. Adjust your vision to be able to SEE miracles on your path, and practice being able to find miracles wherever you go. You can do these as often as you feel like it, and whenever you’d like to feel better about anything.

My Miracle Walk process began years ago when I lived for a decade on barter and trade instead of money. I learned how to create and receive miracles every day, and you can too. Your ASKING for miracles is what prompts them to arrive. I have received money, homes, relationships, jobs, adventures, vehicles and brand-new experiences- by taking Miracle Walks and asking for miracles. I take Miracle Walks most days, and experience miracles in all shapes and sizes as a result.
You can also change the phrase to fit your desire, by saying “Miraculous Person, find me now,” or, Miracle Job, Find me Now,” or Miraculous Agent, help me to publish my writing.”

Allow yourself to practice and experiment with taking Miracle Walks and asking miracles to find you. Miracles love to be noticed and will multiply with your attention. If you feel shy or uncertain about asking, keep it to yourself. You can share the great results with your friends and family later.

Once you’ve completed a Miracle Walk take some time to reflect, follow these prompts for support.

  • Let yourself ask for a miracle today. Start small if you feel uncertain. Write about what happened after you asked
  • Make a list of miracles you’d like to receive. Be detailed and descriptive, or simple. You can use a sentence like this one; I am ready to receive the miracle of ________. Or, The Miracles I will enjoy receiving are ______, ________, ________.
  • Talk about miracles with someone in your life that will enjoy that subject along with you. Give each other a miracle to ask for and hold that intention with them.
  • Be a “Miracle Magnifier.” Whenever you notice or experience a miracle, talk about or share it in some way. Everyone is uplifted by hearing about Miracles- including you!

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