Stop 2 Follow Inner Wise Self

Follow the Guidance of Your Inner Wise Self: Connect to the part of you that is powerful and knowing – that is the source of creativity – your Inner Wise Self. Write Inner Wise Self Love Notes from yourself to yourself!

Everything about my creativity is empowered by my Inner Wise Self – watch this short video clip that shares more about what Inner Wise Self is and what’s possible when you let it guide and inspire you and your life (What IWS is – Video #1, snippet 7:48 – 8:55 combined with snippet 9:00 – 9:56)

I hope that video inspired you to truly connect with your Inner Wise Self – now I’d like to give you an easy process for connecting with your Inner Wise Self that you can use ANYTIME! In fact, the more you use it, the closer you will become to your Inner Wise Self, and you’ll hear it’s guidance in so many situations. You’ll want your journal for this part. (Journal inspiration – Video #1, snippet 20:01 – 24:22 combined with snippet 24:30 – 25:01) 

Did you write your Inner Wise Self Love Note? Move through this Wonder Map Stop by creating your Practice of communicating with your Inner Wise Self. There’s no right or wrong way, and no schedule you have to follow – just remember that your Inner Wise Self sees you as perfect, and is waiting to empower you and your Creative Dreams when you ask! You’ll find more ways to connect to your Inner Wise Self as you travel the map too! Here’s one more video clip for you to inspire you to this so valuable part of your creative journey: (Inspiration – Video #3, snippet 18:00- 19:07)

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