Stop 1 Declare Yourself Creative

Declare Yourself Creative: Decide right now that you will live your life as the Creative Fountain that you truly are, and commit to the actions on the Treasure Map to Living Your Creative Dreams

No matter what you’ve been told, you are a Creative Being! We all are – and when you start seeing the world through Creative Eyes you can experience your own creativity. The first step to seeing the world this way is to simply declare for yourself that you ARE creative! You don’t have to tell anyone else – at least not yet – but do tell yourself. Acknowledge the part of you that is creative, and start looking for those places. Sometimes people think that “being creative” is always about making art, or music, or something physical. It is also about creating how you feel, what activities you do or don’t do, and creative solutions to challenges. Parents and caregivers with children are often extremely creative as they live their daily lives.

Open your eyes and heart to new opportunities to think and live creatively.

  • How can you do ordinary things differently?
  • In what ways can you communicate creatively?
  • What’s already creative in your life and how might you like to expand on those?

Here’s a short video where I share my knowing about your creativity and creative power – and what’s possible for you:

(1 – Knowing Your Creative Power Video #1, snippet 16:42 – 17:02 creatively combined with 6:57 – 7:48, first is I wake up joyful because I live as a creative spirit, second is I stand for the value of your creativity and no left brain/right brain people out there – the merging of the two).

Declare Yourself Creative today and commit to following the Wonder Map to Living Your Creative Dreams by getting a special notebook or journal with thirsty pages that you can use as you go through the Wonder Map, and a new juicy pen too. Start now!

Share with me here on the SARK and Friends FB group what you’ve done to Declare Yourself Creative!

Use these Very Juicy Journal Prompts to lovingly move yourself through this Wonder Map Stop:

  • Look at how you relate to yourself – do you consider yourself creative? Why or why not? What caused you to make this decision? How does it influence your decisions and actions?
  • If you felt like a creative being, what do you think some of your favorite creative expressions would be?
  • If you know your creative self, what is your favorite type(s) of creative expression? How did you discover this? Are there other creative expressions that call to you also? What about these expressions of creativity inspires you?

Imagine you’ve followed the whole Wonder Map and are Living Your Creative Dream Life?
What would that look and feel like? What kinds of things would you be doing?
Write about it in luscious detail!


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