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Listen in as SARK leads you in an uplifting, motivating call where you can get a taste of what WINS is all about.  The goal is that you truly experience yourself and your writing newly – with freedom and joy and compassion – and that you EXPRESS yourself in your writing and in your life.


Are you inspired?

 After listening to the call, we want you to take action! Download the support sheet and Create Your Public Writer!


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Write It Now with SARK

Monthly program includes:



Twice monthly calls with SARK
Twice monthly calls where you will be able to get answers directly from SARK on the questions YOU ask! She’ll be sharing everything that has allowed her to write 16 books, and have every one of them end up Best Sellers!

Twice monthly group writing calls
Here you can gather with other WINS writers and write intentionally together. The SPARK magic has transformed so many from thinking about writing to actually writing!

Access to the Writer’s Wisdom Series
Every cycle SARK holds a conversation and interview with a magical person in the writing community…it’s incredible what’s been said in this interviews, and they are invaluable as you go into the world of publishing. Not only do you get access to the new calls from this current cycle, but you have access to all previous Writer’s Wisdom Calls – including with Marc Allen, publisher of New World Library, and Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way, to name just a couple.

A private online Haven and Accelerator community (AHA)
A Beautiful, thriving community website where you will share ideas, inspiration, and writings with me and other writers. This SAFE and LOVING environment is just what you need to get and keep your creativity and writing mojo flowing! Including:

    • Writer’s Solution Station– Say it, solve it. Go here to solve writing questions and gather support from other writers. Admit what you’re not doing and would like to be doing with your writing. Ask others how they’re doing it. Share other books, websites and resources here.
    • Writing Incubator– A shelter for bits of writing, fragments, beginnings. Come here for safety, support and nourishment. Not a place for critique of any kind. A refuge for writing as it’s developing.
    • Support from SARK– Questions (writing and/or life) inner critic care and transformation, acknowledgement, enCOURAGEments, writing completion date self check-ins (you create dates for yourself and your writing and check in here with me) And any other ways that I can support and inspire your writing!
    • Cheerleading for Writers– Celebration, acknowledgement, support, break-throughs. Go here to say “I did it!” or, “I want to do it!” Support and cheerleading appreciated. A place for acknowledgment, honoring, intuitive and virtual gifts; “I send you a brand-new juicy pen.”
    • Your Publishing Pathway -Here’s the place to go for everything about publishing: blogs, self publishing, traditional publishing, creating a proposal, choosing when & what to publish.
    • Connection Cafe– Go here to request mentoring, partnering, accountability partners, getting together, sharing contact info, ways to connect with other writers and experience more support.
    • Writers Lounge of Truth– Here’s where you can say ANYthing about your life and how it relates to your writing, make admissions, acknowledge writing imperfections or anything else that you don’t know where else to post;-) It’s a miscellaneous gathering spot.
    • Training, support, and resources for the 3 Powerful Tools that I use to write my books

A personal review of YOUR writing each month by SARK
She will read your writing and respond directly to you!


Personal Recordings
Insightful, personalized recordings from SARK about YOUR writing including tips for improvement, next steps, and motivational goodness that you can use forever. These are yours for life!


BONUS – Juicy Journaling
An eProgram to inspire writers of any and all levels to go new places with words. It’s overflowing with multi-media tools to unearth your new, fresh writing voice and nourish your soul.


BONUS – How to Be An Artist Poster
This was the first poster that I created, and it really started it all!  There are millions of copies out in the world, and it is the statement of how I live my life!  It’s your declaration that you are an Artist of Life!



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$747 for 3 months
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For more details visit the WINS information page. Click here.

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