WINS Free Call

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Create Your Writing Dreams


You may have heard about Write It New with SARK! The results from the last year have been amazing:

There have been:

  • Books birthed and sent to publishing houses
  • Self Published Books created and launched
  • Blogs launched
  • Writers Sharing their writing for the 1st time EVER

And that’s just a sampling of what’s available when those with a powerfull intention align to CREATE! 

We’re aligning again on Thursday, September 5th at 6PM Pacific and you are invited to join us! 

During this free call I’ll be sharing with you the tools for Writing More, More Often, and I’ll be working with some of you 1-on-1 to transform what keeps you from writing! 

Don’t miss this Opportunity to Inspire your Writer within, and CREATE your DREAMS!


Join me on Thursday, September 5th at 6 PM PST for writing inspiration and empowerment!

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