Dear Curious Explorer,

Why are we drawn to dream and create?

I believe it’s an expression of our love and our very living souls.

I believe we have unique ways of seeing and being

that can only be created through us.

It’s easier in some ways, to go along in our lives, avoiding creating.

“Creating something” is far more than books, paintings, songs architecture, or new software. These are physical manifestations of our creativity.

Our creative urges and desires are energetic, vibrational and part of something far larger than we are. Even if they never become physical.

The way we live life is creative.

Creative Rock

Our creative dreams don’t die or go away. Even when we ignore, avoid or resist them.

They placidly wait for us to notice, with periodic uprisings – uprisings that often get louder as we grow older.

We wonder if it’s “too late.” It is not.

We wonder if it’s “worth it.” It is.

Our creative visions can rise and swell like oceanic waves, when we let them. These waves can swirl in and around our “ordinary” lives. We create to live. We create because we wonder why. We create for no reason and every reason. We allow our creativity to flow through us, or we allow it in dreams or when we see the laughing eyes of a new baby.

We create because we’re here.

What are you creating? What will you allow to flow through you?


SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)


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