Dearest Miracle Maker,

Your great idea, creative dream and vision is being WOVEN into your life. It is not separate from you. Allow the wonders to be woven in, along with all the challenging, crunchy, less than wonderfull moments. This puts you into the “marvelous messy middle” of your life, where all the juicy stuff lives. It’s in this middle place that all the miracles occur- it’s where they hang out and live. Hang out there with them, and play around. See what develops, and let me know.

I’ve had many miracles woven into my life from the “marvelous messy middle” one of my favorites was the birth of my SARK posters!  These have been re-released and I love hearing the miracle stories that arise from them.  Share yours with me here.

Add your musings or good thoughts here:

responses so far (what you share will be loved and appreciated)

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