Since I announced the return of SARK’s Blankets of Love, I’ve been going through my archives and remembering the wonder of the many love stories shared that involve SARK blankets. Here’s one of my favorites:

Loved Blankets“I wanted you to see that my niece still uses her blanket after more than 20 years. This is her second one since childhood on the left. On the right is one I just have for her as a backup when the ragged one dies! She doesn’t go anywhere without it and even has a special name for it. It just keeps going on……”

From the very beginning, I’ve believed that each blanket made would represent more love being present in the world – and now I get to empower even more of you to weave love into your life every day.

I invite you to share your stories with me here, and on Facebook – It makes my heart smile! And, if you don’t have a blanket story yet, you can get started right HERE.

(Truly – thank you for sharing your joy!)

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