Transformation Experience Testimonials

Bless you SARK for your generous spirit! I would have paid $200 for this new experience of reading/feasting my eyes/and hearing your voice. May the Spirits and the Angels continue to smile on you and bless us with your creativity. – Teena

I would like to reply, again with a grateful heart, for this transformation experience. I know that I am a work in progress, but many of these sessions helped me to see things in a very different light. I loved the way the program was set up, found the audio presentations informative and calming and I loved the noise when turning the pages in the book. The downloadable art was one of the best features for me and I found the resources very valuable as well. I do not want it to end, I wish it would continue every day. I took a moment to realize how much I looked forward to receiving these life lessons in my inbox.It was an amazing program for me and I share my opinion with gratitude. – Arlene

The Transformation Experience is stellar and goes forward with me everyday. I am so comforted that you have reminded us to live gloriously imperfectly and sometimes to just STOP the doings!! You remind me daily that angels are all around me…the audio portions of the lessons allow us to learn and bond with you in calm and comfort. – Patti

SARK, I constantly learn so much from you about being present in the moment, finding joy in my healing and transformative journey. I will go back again and again to my tools. Just this morning I woke up and remembered to start my day by hugging myself. I lay in bed and told myself that I loved myself. So thank you thank you thank you for being here and being you and for sharing you with all of us. XOXOXO – Julie

I’ve signed up for SARK’s Transformation Exper!ence and it has been wonderful. I really enjoy the daily treats I find in my email. I am in such need for daily inspiration these days as I battle financial worries. Thanks to SARK for the delicious downloads and awesome audios and delightful interactive minibooks I’ve received during this Exper!ence. They have kept my imagination active and my creative heart beating strong. – Wendy

I have really enjoyed my journey with you. This is the first online class I’ve ever done and I was impressed, I thought it was very well done. I though it would be fun and it was, and more. I loved listening to your voice ( it’s very friendly and kind) and reading your insightful thoughts every other day. Turning the pages was great, it felt more like a book. Having downloadable prints of your artwork too, was a very generous cherry on the top. Thank you! And a wonderful thing happened as I was doing the transformational journey with you, I believe it gave me a much needed nudge to finally finish something I’ve worked on and off with for years (probably at least 15)….in the last few weeks, it has finally all flowed and came together and amazingly today I finished it! Thanks Again! – Jane

I have very much enjoyed the Transformation Experience program! It was so fun to have a new lesson to look forward to everyday in my e-mail inbox. I was already familiar with some of SARK’s words of wisdom from reading her books, but it was interesting to have her ideas broken down and reorganized into an e-mail course. I worked diligently through each session and soaked up every question, activity, and revelation. I think I will be able to go back and review course topics as a particular need arises or becomes more potent in whatever daily experience I am having.

Thank you for this wonderful online course! It has meant a lot to me. I look forward to future positive, transformational experiences with SARK! I loved it! – Mona

I would like to express my gratitude for this program. I am learning so many ways to be more in the moment, more accepting and best of all more ‘me’. I love the audio segments and you have now joined the army of ‘voices that heal and inspire me. Listening to the audio segments make me feel centered and cared for….I admire your insight and have benefited from the books of yours that I have and I know I am benefitting from these online lessons. Thank you. You teach me to look at life full circle, not linear and I bless you for it. – Arlene

I have finished two of your on-line courses. They are fabulous! I’ve also now gotten two of your books. The message that struck home best with me is simply being imperfectly perfect. Thank you for your wonderful lessons, your beautiful and fun art, and the gift of being able to return to the lessons! – Theresa

It is amazing how many different ways you find to provoke, instigate, encourage, support and demonstrate…OPTIMISM and JOY! As a therapist who works with autistic and depressed children and teens, I cannot tell you how much of the “Transformation Experience” I will refer to in my future groups.

I am most certainly stimulated and rejuvenated in continuing this process through your ‘experience’, and I will hold it up to my kids as an example of personal, heartfelt generosity and courage to live life ‘for real’. Your thoughts and words will be an awesome addition to the emotional treasure chest I continue to replenish in the effort to support the children in my program. – Bonnie

Thanks SARK for the fabulous reminder! I SO needed this today! As a women’s psychotherapist, I teach clients these tools you mention and they are very helpful. Now it’s time to ‘heal the healer’. Thank you! – Esther

Susan, thank you so much for taking the time to record this message. It has opened my eyes and heart to a positive way of transforming. In my heart I now feel confident that I have some good tools to work with, and I will put it to good use. Thanks again for the encouragement and I’m definetly going to start a healing book. – Kristen

I found (the recordings) very informational and calming! I have loved SARK for a very long time!! – Elaine

Thank You! You give such joy in my heart! – Carol

I loved this. I have all the artwork pieces hanging on my ‘laundry-line’ encircling my Artroom….Thanks again for all you do to inspire others! – Randall

I finally finished the class…when things are wonderful and delicious I savor them, this was like ice cream for my soul and I needed more time to enjoy it. I loved the class. There have been pieces of this that touched me so deeply that I jotted them down and carry them with me. Peace, love & cupcakes! – Melissa

Thanks so much for the incredible experience of receiving the Healing and Transformation emails. The storybooks, posters, every word and the way each email was laid out, is just so special…I’m loving the new me, who transforms and heals every day. – Alison

I am not sure I can find adequate words to express how grateful I am for you and your work, particularly this new medium of SARK’S Transformation Experience. I’ve been reading your work since the early 90’s, and you have had a profound impact upon my healing journey. When I saw SARK’S Transformation Experience, I think it was in your e-newsletter, my interest was sparked immediately. When I saw the price and what you offered, I decided to give it some thought and prayer, and after a few days, I just felt like I was worth the investment of the $49.00. As we near the end of the 30 days, I can honestly tell you that this has been one of the best investments of my time and money I have made.

I thank you so much for sharing yourself and your journey with me and the rest of the world. I truly believe that all of our lives are enriched when we share our stories with one another. Your story and your work has and will continue to enrich my life greatly. – Pam

Thank you sooooo much for this journey! I’m savoring the last few lessons. I don’t want to be finished. I am very grateful you’ve made it possible for us to go back and revisit. I appreciated the opportunity to ‘do it badly’ too. This kept me from berating myself when my lessons started building up. It actually helped me slow down and take them in gently instead of another ‘thing to do’.

The exercise on looking in the mirror is powerful….sure enough…tears burst. It was intense and healing, a real clearing and getting real time. There are just too many wonderful things to say about the course. Most of all, it was like having a truely honest, completely open, funny, creative friend in my office everyday. Thank you a thousand times for your inspiration! – Liz

Thank you for the lessons…they were very very insightful and I think it’s great you are changing so many people and the way they view themselves and the world 🙂 You are a bright light in a world that needs it so keep on shining your beautiful self wherever you go. – Sarah

This has given me the boost I needed. Two significant things have happened. The first was that I backed out of a commitment that I had been cajoled into making. I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. The second and more important I have my first singing lesson on Saturday. Thank you again for providing me the push I needed. – Sindie

Thank you very much. This program has been very helpful to me. I am blessed in so many ways and SARK is one of my blessings. – LW

The Transformation Exper!ence is so, so full! What a prolific help. Thank you. – Juliahna

It is so very extraordinary to delicately ,curiously travel this Transformation Journey!!!!…..It just feels as if many of us out here are quietly sparkling everyday as we welcome and savor the next lesson and I have begun to feel the greater energy of the “Journey Seekers” as a whole. I know I am blessed to be in the Journey. There is surely something moving about working with this every day. – Patti

I am so loving this program! I’ve been slow to work with it, so I’m taking 2 days instead of 1 on each segment. Thank you both so much for your joyful, creative offerings! – Eileen

Healing & Transforming Creativity was a wonderful subject to end the series with. Thank you so much. Your message on MISTAKES being part of the creative process is SO valuable and true. Thank you for your messages! Love the audio! – Wendy

These lessons couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune moment. Huge thanks! – Sarah

Thank you SO SO SO SO much for these daily experiences in transformation!! They have been Fun, Funny, thoughtful, moving, and very real and needed and meaningful for me. I am still working through them- and so glad not to be quite done. 🙂 I’ll go back to them over and over… and know that I will find something new, unexpected and exactly right for the moment every time. You have provided so much amazing renewal of energy and unexpected richness to my creative life journey!! – Carla

I have grown from the inside out, where pockets of healing were also delightfully turned inside out. Thank you. – Sharyn

Dear SARK, Oh where do I begin? The Transformation Exper!ence is truly wonderful. My 41st birthday is tomorrow and signing up was my gift to myself. I have already gotten so much out of this and never want it to end. I’ve created a journal with all your Succulent Storybooks and questions so I can use it as a reference. Listening to the audio is also a fun event. I incorporate the audio into “quiet time” and make sure I am fully present with no distractions around when I listen. It’s been a great journey so far, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us.

Thanks so much for the Transformation Exper!ence. It has been all that and more. – Jadeen

I love everything SARK. As far as the Transformation Experience, the audios are one of my favorite things and the resources are priceless. I USE the resources. SARK seems to know what’s out there for everything. I am looking forward to more! – Tammy

Hello SARK – I was having a poopy morning and then read today’s Storybook which was delightful and the questions reflective. When I flipped to the back page, a smile broke out on my face…THANK YOU!!!!! – Yvonne

Wow! What a journey so far! It is amazing how things manifest at the right times and in the right places. There sure are no accidents! Like today, the lesson is on wellness, and I got up this morning with my body screaming “lay back down… you are sick!” Sore throat and cough, the whole nine yards. But then the ego part of me said, “they need you at work so you better put on your smiley face and get to it.”

I honor your words of wisdom and have been a fan/kindred spirit for many years. I love to pull out one of your books and randomly pick a page to read. I get something new out of it every time.

I wanted to tell you that your story of your bed in the little cove above the books is how I envision you. Red hair, a cup of tea, and a smile. You really do change people’s lives and I hope you know that our world is better by you being in it and contributing the way you do! Thanks so much for sharing you! – Heather

I am so grateful for your Transformation Series! Your daily emails are wonderful little goodies to treat my inside child and force me to pause in the midst of a chaotic day/week. My favorite message so far has been the Healing & Transforming Money series. I love listening to that audio over & over (to help keep me grounded, and shield me from worry about the horrific subject of money). I especially love the image in your mini-ebook, “Go where you want to be and the resources will follow.” A beautiful message of faith (thank you). You’ve really inspired me when it comes to my own artwork these days….thanks so much for the inspiration! – Wendy

I am really loving this course! I like that it is short and yet there is an invitation to make it as deep and as involved as we’d like it to be. I like that there’s lots of different media to involve our attention — sound, images, writing, reading. All your gifts are so voluminously blessed with warm invitation to grow and learn.

I have really been focused on learning to love my whole self throughout this year. The aspects of transformation that you have offered in this course are all aspects of who we are as people. I like having focused bursts of attention for all the many parts we have explored so far.

I’m writing down all your questions, and answering them, in my SARK Journal and Playbook. I don’t do it every day, but I’m keeping them handy so that I can work through them at my own pace. (Thank you for providing something that works at any pace!)

Sending you much love and accepting the loving gifts you have offered through this course! – Cindy

Thank you for the first lesson in the Transformation Exper!ence. I was so excited when I saw that you were offering this. I’ll meditate on your stories and your reminder to be objective and not reactive and to leap towards understanding. Thanks SARK for all your teachings. Wishing you a beautiful year, fearless and original! – Julie

Thank you. I am journeying and journaling along with you…your particular areas of exploration are enabling greater understandings to inform my therapeutic practices. NOT easy journeying � but beneficial for more than just me in the long run. THANK YOU! – Tammy

I loved this lesson. Thanks for sending such awesome vibrations across this beautiful universe. – Jen

My daughter signed me up for this DELICIOUS transformational experience, and i enjoyed every single second. Keep up the wonderful work that you do. – Barbara

I just completed the Tranformational Experience e-series and am just getting into the Anytime Adventure e-series. The Transformational Experience was valuable beyond measure. Some of my favorite tools: the time stretcher and flexible plans that change and grow. The “Awesome Audio” clips were filled with wondrous healing tid bits and your delivery so genuine and heartfelt, it was as if you were sharing this wisdom with me over a cup of coffee. I am grateful for you and honored to be a member of the SHARE team. Your words are a gift to me and the world! – Suzanne

Thank you for an uplifting transformation experience!! I so looked forward to your messages every day. I’m looking forward to your next online program and will surely sign up for it. Until then, I’m going to review all of your marvelous messages. – Sharon

Thank you for this healing journey. – Sharyn

Here was my experience from lesson one: I’ve had a lot of family issues so I was thrilled and scared that healing and transforming family was the first topic. I tried avoiding it as long as possible, looking for colored pencils before I could start, etc. But something magical happened. At the end, I no longer felt helpless. I felt empowered and then elated! So thank you. Thank you! – Jen

Thank you so much for this, never could something have come at such a perfect time- when I truly needed it. It is magical in so many ways. – Jane

Being a part of SARK’s online “project” seems like divine intervention, synergy and just plain joy to be a part of right now…I have SARK’s spirit with me every day! – Heather

Fantastic, powerful stuff- just what was needed. – Ruth

I am truly enjoying SARK’s Transformation Course, It is so great to sit in my flannel pjs and hear her in my own home. – Darcy

It IS a great exper!ence. 🙂 I’m loving the daily bursts of inspiration in my inbox. – Becca

Thank you so much SARK for your wonderful Transformation experience. I found your talk on objectivity vs reactivity applicable to my own circumstance. I have always enjoyed the way you use vibrant colours with wild abandon in your books…cheers anyone’s day up!! Thanks again for your inspiring words and spirit. – Sonz

Thank you so much. I needed to hear that message of healing love again. Taking responsibility for my own behaviors, thoughts, actions and words is exactly how I try to live today. I am grateful to you for sharing your experience. – Debbie

Thanks for bringing your positive energy right into our homes! – Amy

I’m really enjoying your emails. I so love your colorful expressions! – Terry

I’m so excited and grateful to be a part of the Transformation Exper!ence. Thank you for offering it. – c.a.

I wanted to let you know just how much I love the daily e-mails. I know I’ll miss them when the month ends. I started a healing book to journal and record some of my reflections. Keep up the great work! I look forward to more inspiration in the weeks to come. – K

Thanks for bringing your positive energy right into our homes! – Amy

I love the Transformation Exper!ence and getting to spend some time with Susan/SARK every day. WOW… what a Great gift I gave myself! – Karen

I have been loving and working with SARK’s books, calendars and Juicy Cards for years, and this Journey is lovely. – Patti

It’s Fabulous!!! Thanks so much!!! – Lani

I’m enrolled in the Transformation Exper!ence and just wanted to let you know that it’s been great. I love the audio and the visual presentations. I look forward to my SARK e-mails everyday. – Jadeen

This is OH SO GOOD!!! – Leslie

Thanks Susan, for sharing your personal legend with the world! – Gia

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