Published writing is not “better” than other writing. For so many unpublished years, I experienced what felt like  judgement from people who would ask what I was writing, and then quickly ask: “Are you published?”

When I said “No,” they would often lose interest. I didn’t know then that my unpublished writings were just as valuable as what I would later publish.

To publish merely means to “make public,” and my writing needed time to grow and develop out of public view. And, if you choose to publish your writing, or already have, know that there are many gifts and benefits in doing so!

I invite you to let your decisions about publishing your writing- or not- come from your belief in your own writing.


I’m so inspired by all of the wonderFULL writers in WINS – Write It Now with SARK  this cycle.  I’ll be opening up the next cycle Thursday April 12th and am inviting YOU to our Haven and Accelerator for writers!  Your words belong in the world – published or unpublished!


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