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Three Part Harmony

Transform Your Feelings and Change Your Life

I’m so excited to announce my newest program Three Part Harmony! This is the exact process that I’ve used for over 20 years to transform, and continue transforming every area of my life.  What makes me so excited about this program is that I’ve never shared it in this way before.

Self-Care is About Managing Your Feelings

SARK has always been synonymous with Self-Care, and I’m so glad that I’ve provided that to hundreds of thousands of people all of the world through my books, workshops, products and programs. And I often hear from my participants and readers that they are great at self-care – they get massages and take baths and long walks. And that’s all a part of good self-care, but Three Part Harmony is about long-lasting Inner Self-Care. See, I know that Self-Care is really about managing our feelings.  And most of us are not Feelings Masters.

This isn’t taught in school!

Maybe you were like me growing up – I was taught that feelings were things to be had in private and to “get over” before I came back out of my room!  Especially “negative” or difficult feelings – those were always to be suppressed denied, or ignored. It’s no wonder that we can so often feel overwhelmed and confused by our feelings.

All feelings are meant to be felt

What Self-Care provides – and Three Part Harmony teaches – is that feelings are meant to be felt – the opportunity is to move through feelings, not deny or suppress. It is called e-motion, because feelings are meant to be In Motion! And with Three Part Harmony, you get a proven process for how to feel feelings – how to skillfully maneuver through what I call the “Marvelous Messy Middle” toward feeling GLAD more often.

GLAD stands for Giving Lovingly and Daringly

And I’m not talking about feeling glad when you really don’t – I would never have you pretend or cover-up what you are really feeling just to “feel glad.” But, what you experience with the process taught in Three Part Harmony is that by really feeling the feelings that show up, you move through them, can appreciate and experience multiple feelings at one time, and spend more time feeling good and feeling glad.

Your Inner Critic Care System

In Three Part Harmony, I share for the very first time, my Five Point Process for dealing with Inner Critics.  You’ll hear about how I care for my Inner Critics, and you’ll probably be surprised at what I have to say about who these Inner Critics really are for us (Hint: Don’t hate them!).

21 Days to Transform Your Feelings

In Three Part Harmony, I share with you real life examples from my use of this program over the last 20+ years. I even share some of my private journal entries with you, so that you can really get how this process works. This is a 21 Day course that will leave you with the tools and skills to master your feelings, and in doing so transform any area of your life where you feel less than powerful and capable.

Three Part Harmony consists of over 30 minutes of video training from me, SARK, as well as specially designed Support Sheets to assist you on your pathway.  You’ll get:

  • Three inspiring, informative Videos that you can watch over and over
  • Support Sheets colorfully designed by me for each step of the process
  • Real life samples of my own use of Three Part Harmony
  • A clearly defined fun and easy process to follow for the 21 Days
  • My amazingly effective Five Point Process for dealing with & transforming your Inner Critics
  • The 10-second method for managing your feelings


Just $97 for all of this!


Special Introductory Rate

I want Three Part Harmony for just $39

To celebrate the launch of my new Planet SARK website, I’m also offering this powerfull, transformational program at an incredible rate – for a limited time, you can transform any area of your life for just $39.


Connect with Your Inner Wise Self

All of my books and artwork come from my Inner Wise Self, and in Three Part Harmony, I’m going to give you the tools to connect to your Inner Wise Self.  And it’s that connection that will be the source of your transformation!  So, please – take the time to become a Feelings Master – it will change your life!

I want Three Part Harmony for just $39


I’m so excited to hear from you as you are on this journey – I can already imagine all of the art, books, businesses, poetry, love and generosity that will come out of Three Part Harmony – that’s why I want to share it with you!



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