When I first created my poem and poster “Just for Mom,” my mother did not realize that it would be going out to more people than just her.

Once she found out that thousands were being printed,  she wanted to scrutinize every line.
She loved that it said things like “waltz in the kitchen with mom.
and “moms always have Kleenex,
and “we only get one mom- we can adopt others.

There is also a line I wrote that says “forgive all the old junk,” that led her to declare indignantly: “WHAT old junk?”
To which I replied: “like what you’re doing right now, thinking we have no old junk!”

She laughed so hard and the conversation that followed caused a tremendous healing between us, and really put the WOW in MOM for me.

To honor this memory of my Marvelous Mom Marjorie I’ve put together a special for this Mother’s Day weekend only.

To see the details click here: SARK’s Dream Boogie YourSELF + Just for Mom 11×14 poster

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