PackingMy beloved partner John, our dear friend Edward and I are going to Cancun Mexico tomorrow for a vacation, and for my birthday!

I love to pack.

I might love packing more than actually going.

Everything about it delights me- the organization, the planning, the gathering of favorite things.

My mom used to bring little “fun packets” for me on all our long car trips, and give them to me along the way, at the perfect moments.

I reveled in the magazines, puzzles, games & snacks and so appreciated that she packed these for me.

Now, I pack these kind of things for myself, and relish the tradition and the existence of miracles all along my path.

I will be saturated with miracles, I just know it!

And I’ll ask for them to appear- miracles love that kind of thing.

Miraculous people will show up to play too.

And then, I will return home and enjoy UNpacking!!



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