Julia Cameron

SARK’s gentle and effervescent work is a festive, creative catalyst that throws open a wide and generous gate.

Amy Ahlers

SARK and Dr. John Waddell have written the new bible for creating soulful, conscious, loving relationships.

Cheryl Richardson

SARK has done it again. She’s taken the harrowing life challenges of dealing with loss and change, turned them upside down, and created a powerful healing path that will calm fears, warm hearts and transform lives forever.

Kris Carr

This is true heart nourishment…drench yourself in the pages and revel in the goodness.

Tosha Silver

A sweet and insightful book with practical how-tos on fostering and nurturing love with another soul on this life’s journey. Very beautiful.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D

Succulent. Wild. Love. When I first saw the title, it made me want to rip my jammies right off. Then I read it, and WOW. It really is a whole new philosophy of love and relationships in a whole new way!

Arielle Ford

If your soul is ready for love — self-love and soulmate love — read this book.

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