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SARK & John’s Love Story

Once upon a time there was a woman who was very independent and spontaneous and creative.

She had many loving relationships with other people but she usually ended up pushing them away. She decided the best thing would be to marry herself. So she did. And she was very happy. But, secretly, she felt something was missing. So she went on a covert love operation to find the great love she dreamed of.

She did lots of investigating and interviewing of herself, her feelings and her friends, all who became love mentors. During this time, she was soul-fully single by choice. She created ways to connect with her inner feelings, inner critics and inner wise self. She was all in!

Once she decided she was ready to meet her sole-mate – someone who represented the best of being single with the best of being in a relationship – she started communicating with them. She spoke from her Inner Wise Self to theirs, she wrote them poems and dreamt of them. She cleared out lots of past beliefs to admit she truly wanted and was ready for this great love.

Then, she and her open heart went sailing on the open seas with other openhearted souls who wanted to create their own realities.

And it was there she met the greatest love she’s ever known. And he met her.

He had spent a lifetime learning new ways to understand people and be in the world. He wrote books and got degrees. And all the while he learned how to care for himself – even while in a relationship with another. And he invented ways of moving beyond compromise to joyfull solutions where everyone loves and everyone wins.

He was no stranger to great love. He was married to his first great love for 10 years and the honeymoon never ended. It was this great love that helped him to better know how to see others as perfect. When he lost her, he felt lost and sad and alone. He took some time to nurture himself and remember his balance. He felt complete on his own and didn’t need someone else to make him happy. He opened his heart back up to share his life with another.

He set sail on the same boat of love where the woman was waiting for him. They knew pretty quickly they had each met their perfect match and were qualified to adore each other.

They’ve had lots of practice adoring and caring for each other and themselves, especially a they created their shared love story over the last three years. And now they’ve written down everything they know about how to feel more love more often so that you can create your own great love story too!

Won’t you join them in the open seas of love?



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