About the Authors

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) & Dr. John Waddell have joined together to live and teach what they are calling Succulent Wild Love: A new Philosophy of Love and Relationships for Everyone.
SARK‘s (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) purpose is to be an uplifter, a transformer and a laser beam of love. She does that through her art, words and spirit. Susan comes from a background of creative expression and uplifting others through her teachings with her 17 bestselling books, products, and programs to support empowered living.

Dr. Waddell (John) has worked for over 30 years as a psychologist helping individuals and couples lead happier lives. He has also had extensive training in metaphysics, with a particular focus on how to use the conscious and practical application of the Law of Attraction to create the lives we want. He has written two novels showing how the characters are able to consciously change their lives using this approach.

Susan and John have years of experience being in nourishing relationships and difficult relationships, and have learned powerful ways to transform those difficulties.

In the ten years before he met Susan, John was in a wonderful marriage where the honeymoon never ended. (He became a widower in 2011.) Susan was in a profoundly loving relationship with herself that felt like true love—and still is. She didn’t know how or whether she could ever join with a life partner, until she met John.

Susan & John met in 2012 and knew almost immediately that they were drawn together for ordinary and extraordinary purposes. When John told Susan, “I’m qualified to adore you,” she knew that he was. She then discovered that she was also qualified to adore him, and they have embarked on a remarkable partnership in every way.

Over the years they both learned what makes relationships nourishing and what makes them difficult. They’ve distilled this wisdom into six easy to understand habits that anyone can apply, not just in romantic relationships, but with friends, coworkers, children and everyone.

Susan and John practice these habits every day, and know by how they feel, when they don’t.

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