Succulent Wild Relationships

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You Can Experience the

Relationship of Your Dreams

With Yourself and Others


  • You can go beyond Compromise to Joyfull Solutions
  • Have your freedom and independence in intimate relationships

  • Feel Unconditional love and appreciation for your Significant Others

  • Be loved and appreciated for all that you are

  • Revel in Intimacy and Connection with Yourself and Others

 All of this and more is available when you create

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It’s Succulent, because you will become self nourishing.
You will be able to nourish yourself and have more than enough to give to others.

It is Wild because you will not need to try to “tame” others to get what you need.
And you will not allow them to “tame” you by pressuring you to do things or be in a role that doesn’t feel comfortable.

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JohnSusan CircleDear Succulent Creator of Love,

It is with so much Joy and Excitement that we invite you to join us for the newest SARK program-

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You could think of this program as being two lifetimes in the making. Even in our imagining, we could never have conceived of the principles, processes, and powerfull tools included in this course if it weren’t for the years of dedicated attention to our own Self Love and personal growth.

It’s on this foundation that we offer you this powerfull and transformational opportunity to experience the kind of joylove, and acceptance you desire and deserve!

What makes this program so unique is the simplicity and ease with which you will experience these transformations, and the profound impact they will have – not just on your relationships with others, but in your relationship with yourself.

You’ll learn and apply practical tools and processes to use in any relationship to maintain your personal sense of security and love, while allowing those you love and care about the most the freedom of their experiences.

You’ll begin to experience intimacy, security, respect and appreciation on levels you may have never thought possible for yourself.

All the details and registration links are below, and we are inviting you to join us in Succulent Wild Relationships now – you don’t have to wait another day to experience yourself and other intimate relationships in a way you have always dreamed they were possible.

Your Guides to Succulent Wild Living,

Susan and John
(SARK & Dr. John Waddell)



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[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Consciously Single SARK[/font]

SWR Susan FrameI became my own “soulmate” before I chose another person to relate to in this thing that we call “romantic relationship.” I knew that I wanted to take what, for me, was the best of being single, and bring it into what I thought of as the best of being part of a couple. I didn’t know if it was really possible though…

After my last romantic relationship and before I met John, I dove deeply into being what I described as Consciously Single – single by happy choice. I actively explored what that realm really held for me, and considered what it would be like to spend the rest of my life in that realm.

I took some online courses, read multiple books and had dialogues with single and coupled people about all sorts of relationship subjects. I even sat in a “conscious singles wisdom circle” for a year.

Through it all, I thought that being part of a couple probably wasn’t going to work for me. And, while I truly was Consciously Single, I still yearned to experience intimacy and partnership on a deeper level.

All the things I’d heard, like:

“You have to compromise in a relationship”

“After all, nobody’s perfect”

“You can just forget about alone time or independence”

All of these statements and prevalent beliefs were in complete contrast to what I believed about living a joyfull, self-loving life.

So I lived Consciously Single – happily – for many years, living and fulfilling my purpose of being a laser beam of love for the world.


[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]The Most Important Relationship[/font]

Through it all, I developed, practiced, and lived by three principles to increase the Love resonance in the most important relationship – the relationship with my Self!

Over the years, I’ve shared these practices in different programs and workshops, and have come to know without a doubt that they form the foundation for profound success in many areas of life – including relationships with others!

I call them the 3 I’s:

3 I's Green border

I like to say that I live like a full cup of self love, sharing my overflow with the world, and when I feel half empty- which is every day and sometimes multiple times in a day, I use my 3 I’s to fill myself back up- from the inside- the way succulent plants do.


[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]SARK’s Succulent Wild Relationship[/font] 

This succulence – the self-nourishing power – of the 3 I’s transformed my experience of life – and it’s changed the world for many of my students over the years as well.

As this transformation was occurring, I continued to happily choose being single, and a funny thing happened. More and more, the relationships in my life began to be Succulent too. Relationships with my friends, business partners, family members – all over my life, were more empowered and empowering as I nourished my relationship with my Self.

With this love power always present and expressed, I was open to the possibility of deep intimacy and partnership like never before – and that’s when I met John.

Lying Down In Wonder

John is a metaphysical teacher, psychologist, and the author of two books – and had never heard of SARK. In fact, he didn’t read my books or look at my website for quite some time after we met. He said he wanted to love and get to know Susan.

Early in our relationship John said something no one had ever said to me before, he said,

 “I’m qualified to adore you.”

I really knew then that I was ready for this kind of succulent relationship. In the past, I would have worried about how to live up to being adored. This time, I was able to accept and receive the love and adoration that John offered—and offer it in return.



[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Your Succulent Wild Relationship[/font]

John and I make depthfull choices together and separately; we are in a living laboratory of love, practicing and living intimately the principles that create our Succulent Wild Relationship.

These principles can be learned, practiced and mastered by you, and you can create incredible love relationships like this too. Whether you want to create this intimacy and depth with a current romantic partner, in a new romantic relationship, or with your most important friends and family, these principles work.

I know that they work because they are time and life tested, and because of how good I consistently feel.


 [font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7208F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Magical Teachers[/font]

When I met John, I was so surprised and delighted by the incredible depth and breadth of his training, knowledge, and expertise, as a complement to my own. I intuitively knew we would be teaching together, even before I knew on what topic.

As our relationship progressed, John introduced 3 principles to me that we now describe as PJ’s. These three principles, combined with my 3 I’s, have produced the most remarkable relationship and life transformations.

I knew that this went far beyond our private love affair, and that he and I would join together and teach what we are living so that people could experience greater freedom, intimacy and joy in all of their relationships.

pjs no background copy

Here are the PJ’s, with John’s short descriptions. There’s much more to these as you practice them as principles inside your relationships:

PJS Sales Page

Learning these lessons from John, practicing them in our relationship, and experiencing the magical results convinced me that I wanted to teach this to you. I’ve never taught with another in this way, and the journey to offering this program to you has been opening, energizing, vulnerable, and challenging – just like relationship!

You deserve Succulent Wild Relationships in your life.

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[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]You Can Have the Relationships You Want[/font]

SWR John Frame

I love Susan. Every day I make decisions that have the potential to either bring us closer or pull us apart. I now know how to choose those that bring us closer together, but it wasn’t always this simple or clear cut.

For many years I tried to be the best partner I could, often making decisions that were “best for the relationship,” and still, the people I joined with often felt unloved by me. There were significant ongoing frustrations that simmered under the surface, mixing with the feelings of love and creating confusion and hurt.

I remember sitting in bed reading next to one partner. She liked to be a few feet apart, and this didn’t feel intimate to me. Intimacy to me meant reading side by side, touching. I would feel hurt and would try to get her to come closer. This invariably resulted in a fight (which was another form of intimacy, though not a very satisfying one).

I finally ended up sitting a few feet apart, saying over and over to myself, “She loves me.” I knew in my heart that she did, but I couldn’t feel it. I see now that it was the beginning of Joyful Solutions—finding solutions that don’t require the other person to change. As I reminded myself that she loved me, I stopped pressing her. When I stopped pressing, she stopped pushing me away emotionally.  And after a while she began to send warm signals.

This is a small example of how I was able to transform a minor discomfort. Unfortunately, in that relationship, there were countless others that we simply tried to ignore—because neither of us knew effective alternatives. Mixed with loving feelings were unresolved aches, that no matter how much we tried to overlook, eventually eroded our love feelings.

Now I know it can be different—and how to make it different—and that’s what Susan and I practice and want to share with you.


[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]You are Special[/font]

Part of the magic of a truly nourishing relationship is being appreciated for being the special person each of us is—for our unique gifts and contributions to the relationship and to the world. That’s the “wild,” untamed part of a Succulent Wild Relationship.

CS_7078_AngelSmYellow_1x1Because this is so important, the only thing I ask of Susan is that she be glad to see me. And I ask only of myself that I do the work so that I’m happy to see her. That keeps each unique, special, individual SELF free to be. It may appear simple, but it’s not always easy, even for two people who love each other deeply, as we do.

That’s why we consciously practice the 3I’s and PJS. Learning how to apply these principles, will enable you to honor your specialness and have more nourishing and uplifting relationships than ever before. You can do good in the world and be intimately connected to another. In Succulent Wild Relationships, you don’t lose your special Self—you don’t lose anything—you only gain.

The good news is, the principles aren’t complicated—in fact we’ve already shared them with you. We’ve created them in a way that’s easy to remember and so you can naturally apply them in your life. Because it’s not simply knowing the principles that will make the difference—it’s practicing and learning to apply them effectively.

Inside the program you’ll have a haven to learn and explore new ways of engaging with the significant others in your life—and with yourself. Join us in Succulent Wild Relationships and take all your relationships to a new, more consistently joyful and nourishing level. 


[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]What Can You Expect from[/font]


Def with flowers

In Succulent Wild Relationships, we’ll share the principles we’ve learned and skills we’ve developed and practiced, and continue to practice, that are at the source of the magical and loving relationship we both cherish.

These are practical tools that will apply to your circumstances. Tools that will cause a shift in how you experience yourself and others.

You will learn to:

  • “Self Mentor” so that you have more power over your experience. This will result in your feeling empowered and self-loving more often.
  • Become more aware of your feelings and how to express them without pushing others away. You’ll be able to consistently care for your own feelings in ways you haven’t before.
  • Connect and maintain connection with your Inner Wise Self. This activated and empowered Inner Wise Self part of you will be IN ACTION for you in your relationships and be your powerfull advocate. This means that you will be like a lovable mountain on your own behalf.
  • Know and calm your Inner Critics, so that you can distinguish this criticism from criticism from another. This means that when someone that you’re in relationship with activates one of your inner critics, you’ll know it—and know exactly what to do. This will result in much less frustration or arguments with other people, and with yourself.
  • Honor your boundaries and those of the significant people around you. Once you know that you’re separate and deserve respect, you will only invite others into your boundaries that deserve to be there. This will result in your feeling much more free and actually more secure.
  • Move effectively from frustration to joyfull solutions and find that you no longer need to stop at compromise or be bound by scarcity. You will believe that others can absolutely have what they want without it diminishing what you want, or what you receive.
  • See the perfection in yourself and others, in any circumstance. You will still have preferences and honor those of others. You will just begin and continue to choose to see the perfection in yourself and other people. This results in feelings of true self love.

As you experience these shifts in your life, you will see that so much more is available to you than you thought possible! These teachings are not just about how to be in a romantic relationship—these teachings give you the perspective necessary to experience all relationships differently—including with yourself!

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”left” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Succulent Wild Relationships is for you if:[/font]

  • You are committed to transforming what hurts into what helps in your life and relationships

  • You want your relationships to feel better more often

  • You are ready to create relationships without your high achiever, procrastinator, or perfectionist in charge

  • You feel hopeless about relationships and are ready and open to creating something brand new

  • You are aware that you don’t love yourself as you wish you could

  • You’re tired of searching for a soulmate and are ready to be your own soulmate first

  • You are a pioneer who is curious, who loves people and wants more transformative skills

  • You are feeling adventurous or intuitively guided by your Inner Wise Self to explore these teachings with us

You will experience:


The principles of Succulent Wild Relationships allow you to be less stuck in feelings of frustration, anger, upset, or overwhelm. When you allow feelings to flow as they arise, and transform with ease and joy, those around you feel this transformation. You won’t need to fight to get your needs met. Long-term tensions you have with significant others will diminish or even disappear.

Most of the time what hurts is not the specifics of what others do, but the feeling that they don’t care.

Because people will feel more loved and appreciated by you, they will spontaneously act in ways that please you more. They will often want to help you get what you want, and you’ll experience collaboration in a whole new way.


As you practice developing joyfull solutions, you will experience a sense of freedom. You will feel less pressure to do things you don’t want to do, and more support, from yourself and others, to do the things that truly make you happy and joyfull.

You’ll have internal and external permission to let your life go in directions you’ve always wanted. With the principles in action, you will know that all your life choices can be part of your nourishing relationships. And you’ll naturally start to acknowledge and move toward your dreams and desires.


As you experience more of what you desire in the world, you will want that for others as well. Your capacity for compassion will expand. Others will appreciate you more and will come to you for support and guidance. You will be empowered to make the difference you’ve always wanted to make with your family, friends, and the world.

When you know you can find solutions that empower you and don’t require anyone else to change, you can truly bring out the best in others. This allows their gifts to shine through and make their impact. It’s a continuing circle of compassionate empowerment.


As you practice the principles of Succulent Wild Relationships, you will activate your source of Creativity, and discover that you are more creative than you knew. You will use your feelings to guide you to creative solutions that feel best for you and those around you.

You will be able to creatively shift your feelings so that you’re not stuck in frustration or anger, but rather able to identify and cultivate the kind of feeling you want to feel. You will experience more feelings of joy, love, excitement, and passion.


With your inner feelings tended, and the experience of having your needs met without pushing, you will be free to experience intimacy on a more continuous basis.

You can feel deeply understood and empowered by the depth available from another. You can let go of feeling ambivalent about being in an intimate relationship, and open fully to the love, vulnerability, and connection available. You will discover new, joyful ways to be with another (or without them), and be less frustrated by their choices.

You will have more intimacy and be glad that you do.

Loving Unconditionally

Learn how to love unconditionally. Benefit from the wisdom of your Inner Wise Self to experience the opportunity and power of this gift to another. Everyone tells you loving unconditionally is a good thing, some say it’s not possible, and few tell you how to actually do it.

Succulent Wild Relationships will show you how to Love Unconditionally.

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[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]How are we going to do all of this so succulently?[/font]


SWR Susan FrameI’m so excited to be offering this program in new and innovative ways! I’ve discovered and experienced over the years that I have a unique ability to bring “intimacy to the internet.” That has a lot to do with you, the great people who make up the inspiring SARK community. People exclaim that they never thought they could feel SO connected to other people from all over the world.

I do this by listening to my Inner Wise Self and following the guidance I receive, intuitively and serendipitously choosing people for on-the-spot mentoring, as well as offering depth, humor, laughter and comfort.

I’m doubly excited by what’s to come in Succulent Wild Relationships, since there will be 2 of us teaching—you might just be levitating from what occurs.


Video Sessions from Our Home in San Francisco

A fabulous new addition to Succulent Wild Relationships is VIDEO!

We’re utilizing great technology and offering video as well as audio for each session. This allows us to add a layer of intimacy, connection, and communication so valuable for this topic. We’ll be filming from our home in San Francisco, and interacting live with you on every call.

We’ve also called in the BEST for all of the technical and moderation needs. Our dear friend and SARK community member, Joshua Home Edwards, is also a highly acclaimed Maestro-moderator! Joshua was the personal moderator for President Obama throughout his re-election campaign. He’s moderated for Michele too, and many others. He will be with us lovingly administering the calls, videos and live chat, so that you have the highest level of care and attention.

If you can’t be online for the video, you have the option to call in and still participate in many of the polls and interactive aspects of each call. Of course, we will also make the videos and audios available for you to keep and view later.

You’ll see John and me “as we are” in our relationship too. I’m planning to go wild and not “do” my hair for the camera. There could be pigtails.


Seven Teaching and Mentoring Sessions

Succulent Videos

Our video teaching and mentoring sessions will occur every other week. In every succulent 90 minute session we will be diving into an aspect of the 3 I’s or PJS, and offering practical exercises and guidance on how to bring these tools into your relationships and your life.

We will share with you examples from our own relationship, as well as interact with you through on-the-spot mentoring.  You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how and why the principles work, and guidance on how to practice in your own life.  You’ll have Self Awareness Practice Sheets to support you in actually implementing these practices during the next two weeks.

You’ll have a private Facebook community where you can share with each other, as well as both of us, how your practice is going, and get support when you need it!  We will be on the Facebook page responding personally – not every day, as we do remain committed to our Succulent Wild Relationship too!

If you need to miss a session, don’t worry – everything will be recorded and made available to you on the Private Membership Site, and will be downloadable.

Each inspiring hour and a half session will start at 6 PM Pacific: {7PM Mountain- 8PM Central – 9PM Eastern}

September 19 – October 3 – October 17 – October 31 – November 14 – December 5 – December 19


Supportive Community

When you join the Succulent Wild Relationship community, you will have the support of others who are learning with you. With the constant societal messages that we must settle in relationships, it’s helpful to be around others who believe they can learn to be intimate, happy and free on an ongoing basis. The Succulent Wild Relationship community is a beacon for what you can achieve, not immediately, but step by small step, with practice and understanding.

SWR CommunityIn movies romantic couples live happily ever after. But in daily life, there are decisions, feelings of obligation, responsibilities, hurts, and a myriad of other things that can derail the warmth and intimacy we desire. Learning how to be in a Succulent Wild Relationship will help you navigate the sometimes rough waters and celebrate and magnify smoother times.

You will hear how others transform situations where they’ve had simmering frustrations or lists of ways they want their partners to change—and be reminded that it’s possible to find joyfull solutions where the others in your life can be who they want to be.

You will hear people who believed they had to deny themselves for the good of a relationship and now found not only that they don’t, but that the people around them will support what they want.

We’re using Facebook technology to bring you and us together in this intimate way. We love how quickly we can all connect and how, so often, someone else is “online” right when you need them.

This group will be Private and personal, and both of us will be interacting as well.


Self Awareness Practice Sheets

We’ve created “Self Awareness Practice” sheets that go along with the principles for each week of the program.

These interactive and practical “fill in the blanks” tools will support you bringing the Succulent Wild Relationships principles to life in your relationships.They are magical as well as practical, and apply to all areas of your life. We will be guiding you in ways to utilize these sheets throughout the program – it will be like having us in your pocket – or on your desk!

These sheets will be posted in the Private Membership Site and will be fully downloadable.


Private Membership Site

We’ve built a special website for you to access all of the videos, audios, guides and bonuses you’ll be getting from Succulent Wild Relationships.

This easy-to-access site allows you to find just what you are looking for, when you’re looking for it. You can re-watch the videos right from within the Membership portal, or download them to watch later.



CS_2000_BlueStarRibbon_2x3In the SARK style, there will be gifts, surprises and serendipitous happenings. I’m so happy to have John be an integral part of Planet SARK and all we create here. It’s good to have a live-in psychologist metaphysical teacher, IT guy and all around visionary playmate.

We are doing so many things together, we never know what will arise next – right now we are creating a Succulent Wild Relationship book! We are excited to practice, play and transform along with you as we write our book, currently titled, Succulent Wild Relationships: Inspiring Relationships of All Kinds, Especially With Yourself.

Over the course of the program you can count on lots of fun, creativity, transformation and love from me, John and my whole Planet SARK team. Who knows how it will manifest – we just leave that up to Serendipity!


BONUS – Post-Holiday “Surround Yourself with Succulence” Support Soirée

We know that some of our most challenging – and rewarding – relationships are those with our family.

Since most of us tend to gather with our families in some way during November and December – this often leads to high levels of relationship stress, and it spills over into other areas of life and non-family relationships as well.

Luckily, you’ll have the 3 I’s and PJS to support and guide you through these times this year – and we want to give you extra support too!

We have decided to add an extra call – on January 9, 2014 – to offer specific mentoring and support for anything that occurred as you lived the practices with your loved ones!

So, on January 9th, we’ll all get back together on our fabulous Video technology and take the Succulent Wild Relationships methodology to another level!

angels and hearts

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”30″ color=”7209F1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”left” weight=”bold” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Let Succulent Wild Relationships transform:[/font]

  • The List of ways you wish your partner (or other people, or you) would change so that it’s easier or better for you

  • Ongoing conflict, frustration, upset and ambivalence in your relationships

  • Your doubt about whether you can have an intimate, satisfying relationship on every level

  • The limits you place on your own Self Love

  • Whether a “soulmate” for you actually exists

  • Your ordinary relationships into truly Succulent and extraordinary ones


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gold-guarantee-seal no backgroundWe know these principles and tools work, because we only teach what we’ve personally used successfully. We invite you to join us, participate fully and create the Succulent relationships you have always desired. You can do it.

We promise to deliver high quality content and to support you along the way – we’re confident you will get tremendous value.

We’ll even give you the chance to test-drive this program at no risk. You get 30 days to join us, use the principles, and if you don’t like it, you may request a full refund.



You Deserve Your Succulent Wild Relationships Today


Save $100 when you use the coupon code: SWRLOVE upon checkout!

2 pay option with discount code









Add a Partner

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J&S Circle2 no background

We look forward to guiding and mentoring you to your own Succulent Wild Relationships.  We’ve created this program to cause a transformation for you – to empower you to see clearly what is truly happening in any relationship, and to know how to bring it back to the path you desire.

As you do this, you will feel love flowing through you more.  This is really what we all want from any relationship.  And you will enjoy yourself and the people around you more than you have ever before.

See you Inside!

With much love and a vision of joy for you,  Susan and John [/contentbox]


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