As I’ve travelled around the world over the last 25 years sharing my work, one of my absolute favorite things has been hearing how this work has changed the lives of so many people. It’s beautiful to see how much love, courage, dreams made REAL, and joy you’ve brought into the world, simply by being you.

These stories have inspired not just me but women and men around the world to create their own succulent wild lives. And I know that your story will inspire others too. Hearing what you’ve done in your life as you embrace the processes and practices I teach and share, and what you have created gives other women and men permission and possibility to set out on, and continue their own journeys.

Join the party!

I’m hosting a virtual transformational tea party on Facebook and I’d like you to stop by and inspire some other people. And because I know what a powerfull impact this can have on other people’s lives, I’m going to be giving away some fun gifts for some of my favorites of these. (And I’ve got something special planned for every one who shares.)

Here’s my succulent request. Make a short (under 2 minutes) video on your cell phone and share it with us on Facebook. We know each and every story, no matter how tiny or seemingly random, will positively affect someone’s life and for our favorites we’ll give you something wonderfull (you might just get a call from me thanking you for your gift to the world.) If you can’t figure out how to make this whole video thing work – share your story in print on our page. Feel free to share something that SARK (the SARK spirit is in us all) inspired you to do or be, or delighted you with. It’s you and your spirit we want to see and experience, and your heartFULL sharing is most welcome & appreciated.

Share your story moment on our Facebook page right now.

“The universe is made up of stories, not atoms” Muriel Rukeyser

Lots of love,

p.s. You might not know that your story will have a big impact on someone else. Maybe you think others stories are more dramatic or powerfull. But I promise there is someone that will hear your story of transformation and their life will be changed in some way by it. You cannot know the effect your story will have.

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